Five Appliances You Need in Your Kitchen For Better Life

With the emergence of so many kitchen appliances on the market, the choice of which one to buy may sometimes get confusing. Most appliances are useful for a specific purpose, but there are some which give a wholesome experience and greater value for money. Below are the top 5 kitchen appliances to consider in your kitchen if you are looking to build up a convenient functional kitchen for your home.

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Electric Griddle

Top on the list is this amazing appliance that everyone needs in their home. Whether you are a simple cook or one to experiment with recipes, this is a must-have. An electric griddle is a countertop appliance with a large flat top surface on which meals are prepared. It adopts a simple plug and play type of functionality as all it needs is a power source to fire it up. It could easily be mistaken for a grill, but the difference is that the griddle is completely flat and does not have the ridges characteristic of a grilling surface.

It is a versatile appliance that helps handle additional cooking away from the stove. The most common use is for breakfast meals such as eggs, bacon, slices, and sausages. It is however useful in preparing all kinds of simple meals and can be used to make burgers, grilled cheese, or vegetables, among others. The flat surface spreads heat evenly allowing food to cook through, and to cook evenly irrespective of where it’s placed on the griddle. Some of the best electric griddle is too amazing with every function that will blow up your mind.

The griddle is affordable, energy-efficient, and takes a short time to cook food fully. It is also easy to clean, and its reasonable size makes it easy to store when not in use.

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Air Fryer

An air fryer is a modern and healthier solution to deep-frying. It is a simple device about the size of a coffee maker that uses heated air to cook food. The cooking mechanism is electrically powered and somewhat similar to what a convection oven would do. However, an air fryer cooks the outer layer first giving food a crisp feel similar to deep-fried foods but without using a lot of oil. You can make your food a little extra crisp by tossing it in a little oil before loading it onto the air fryer. Similar to the electric griddle, it provides a healthier alternative to create delicious meals from any kitchen.

Superior types can bake and toast, offering more variety in the types of food you can prepare in them. The only disadvantage is the limited size of the food basket from where food cooks from. This makes it unsuitable for larger family meals as portions are limited.

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Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a cooking solution best for hands-free use when you want to prepare your meals but don’t want to spend your time in the kitchen. It is a free-standing electrical appliance that only requires the input of ingredients, some moisture to prevent burning, and the right setting to cook food. This is the type of appliance you can set up, and leave the house to run errands or go to work with a guarantee of a ready, warm meal when you are back.

It is called a slow cooker because it uses a constant low temperature setting to gradually heat food and simmer it without exposure to a lot of heat. This characteristic makes the slow cooker rank higher than other types of cookers when it comes to health benefits. With everything controlled, food from a slow cooker is often healthy. It is also a safe appliance to have in your home and poses fewer health hazards from spills and burns.

Electric Tabletop Grill

This versatile appliance is similar in appearance to an electric griddle but bears the typical grilling surface instead. It is a must-have in the kitchen as it provides grilling solutions where the usual grilling process may not suffice. For example, during winter, or when taking short trips. As the name suggests, it is a tabletop appliance, smaller in size than a standard grill but still functional for basic use.

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It is ideal for grilling burgers, steak, cheese, or vegetables from the comfort of your kitchen. The electric variant is a cleaner option to use than one that uses propane gas or other heating methods. It also gives a good barbecue feel due to the ridged surface that provides similar grill marks and charred surfaces as a full-sized grill would.

It is a good choice because it is easily portable, easy to clean, and can be folded and stashed away when not in use without taking up much space. The absence of fumes from this type of grill further makes it ideal for use indoors, and it cooks food evenly as the electric current is transmitted evenly over the entire cooking surface. It competes closely with the electric griddle due to the many similarities between the two, but each is unique in its own useful way.

Food Processor

Aside from cooking appliances, this list would be incomplete without the one appliance that makes all cooking easier. Food processors are powerful appliances with various functions in the kitchen. Think of them as advanced blenders with modified functions. From chopping up ingredients to making purees or smoothies, a food processor improves the cooking experience and makes it to be less of a chore.

The sharp blades slice through food to the desired consistency which helps save on time and energy that would be used to achieve the same effect manually. It is a good one-off investment as it is energy efficient, the blades are made from rust-free metal, and the body of the processor from durable plastic. It is also easy to clean and store.


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