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How Many Types of E-Bikes Are There?

Karl von Drais was a german inventor who created the first bicycle in 1817. There were no pedals, and you had to push with your feet. Needless to say, bicycles have come a long way since 1817!

Now, bicycles can use electricity to make their wheels move. E-bikes give you a quick way to get around that benefits the environment.

There are many types of e-bikes on the market, how will you know which one to pick? Keep reading, and we’ll break down the different types of e-bikes available. It’ll be easy to find the perfect bike for your needs.

Folding Bikes

Do you have limited space at home, but still want to choose an electric bike? Then you need an electric folding bike!

These bikes fold up and won’t take up a lot of room in your already limited space. They’re perfect if you take public transport, too because you can bring them on board.

Even though there are a lot of electric bike differences, many of them will have thin tires like folding bikes. These tires work best on smooth, flat surfaces.

Road Bikes

When looking at different types of e-bikes, you want a combination of design and power. Road bikes have an aerodynamic design with the power of bulkier bikes.

The types of e-bike batteries associated with road bikes only take an hour to charge and last for 20 miles. The thin tires will help you race down the road and get to your destination in no time.

City Bikes

Electric bike differences start to appear more in city bikes. These bikes are beautifully designed and reach higher speeds than other types of e-bikes. Many people mistake these bikes for traditional bicycles because they are so similar.

The gear system of these bikes reduces the amount of effort you need to travel at high speeds. The city e-bike motors take less than an hour to charge and last more than 15 miles.

City e-bikes are a great choice if you struggle to find a bike that matches your height. The size range of city bikes means there’s an e-bike for everyone.

Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are one of the most popular options when people want to buy an e-bike. Like a traditional mountain bike, an electric mountain bike can handle any type of terrain. No matter what your commute looks like, an electric mountain bike can handle it.

The tires on electric mountain bikes are bigger than other types of e-bikes. The bigger tires make it easier to absorb shock and are the reason they can handle any terrain. They can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge!
Electric mountain bikes by Charge come in many sizes that fit a range of heights. These bikes show off your style and get you where you need to go. You can visit their website to check them out today!

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Now You Understand the Types of E-Bikes!

There are many types of e-bikes to pick from. From folding to mountain bikes, the perfect e-bike is waiting for you! Make your commute easier and more environmentally friendly by purchasing an e-bike today!

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