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How to make money blogging 2021

Blogging can be a pretty satisfying hobby. Whether you like writing about your life experiences, sharing your poetry and stories with the world, or giving an insight into your online business, blogging is a perfect platform for content writers to express their thoughts in words. Fortunately, you can turn this hobby into a side hustle or a great source of income! Whether it’s a business blog or a hobby, you can surely earn your bucks by monetizing it. In this article, we will provide you with some methods to make money blogging a source of revenue!

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How to earn from blogging 2021

Make sure your niche is profitable

Sure, you have to choose a genre that you will love writing about no matter the circumstances, but can you profit from it? Is there a large audience out there who has the same interest as you and is willing to know what you have to say about it? Are there products and services that can advertise themselves on your blog? These are some questions you need to go through before heading on to the road to money-making.

Your niche should also be broad so that you never run out of topics to talk about, and you can continue providing your customers with content that is rich in information and doesn’t sound repetitive.

Increase blog traffic

Once you are sure about your niche and your blog is up and running, you need to work on bringing in your customers!

To increase your reach and find yourself among ranked websites on Google, you need to be efficient in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game for some organic traffic.

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If you want the attention your blog deserves, promote it on your social media accounts. Since social media is a vast platform, advertising your blog here will go a long way in bringing like-minded customers to your page.

Another alternative to bring traffic to your page is by connecting with other bloggers in your niche. Although they are considered your competitors, you can strike a deal with them by putting in affiliate links to their blog on your site in return for an affiliate link in theirs.

Affiliate Marketing: Make money blogging

Start make money blogging by adding the tracked affiliate links in your website, you can earn a small commission when your customers click through the link and purchase. Almost all online eCommerce websites like Amazon, Apple, and Topshop have an affiliate program for bloggers to increase their sales.

Many bloggers earn their coin through affiliate marketing as a lot of companies provide these programs, so it’s easy to find one that is relevant to their brand and start earning a commission.

For example, a digital photography school reportedly made a solid $500,000 by promoting photography equipment on Amazon through affiliate links. Their website was a lot bigger, but you can reach the same position with consistent efforts and methodology.

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Banner Advertisements

Visual advertisements are the best type of Ads because of how they leave a lasting impression. Therefore, adding banner advertisements about brand products relating to your content can act as a blogging revenue source.

To get started, you first have to make a Google AdSense account. Then you can set-up ads and earn by CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand). In the CPC method, you will attain a set payment every time a user clicks the advert, while the CPM method gives you an amount every 1000 impressions.

Offer consulting service

There is a need for consultants in every niche, so if you have a stronghold or knowledge on your topic, you can consult those who want to learn more. You can do this via phone calls, video conferences, or basic chat and charge for it based on the number of hours you spend.

This way, you can have a one to one with your customers and build a reputation for your blog’s brand.

Sell Freelance services

If you are good at the consulting part, you can take a step ahead by actually doing it for them. For instance, if you have a blog based on photography, you can extend photography services to your customers if they are impressed by your work. The promotion will add to your reputation. Additionally, It will prove your skills and knowledge at the same time! We think this is one of the best ways to make money blogging.

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Write sponsored posts

As you build your blog, you will most likely get requests for sponsored posts every other day. This native advertisement method helps business subtly reach your audience while you effectively earn an income by charging a specific amount per post/re-post.

However, you have to make sure the company you are advertising through your blog has a similar or related niche so that you don’t throw your audience off.

Sponsored posts have several varieties, such as reviews, summaries, announcements, product surveys, and infographics. Choose what you find comfortable and write away!

Write guest blog posts for other media

If you have strong authority over your topic, other bloggers might reach out to you to make a small appearance on their site like escape rooms. While doing so, you can efficiently promote your brand or give affiliate links to boost your traffic. In this way, you can upgrade your rankings, sales, establish authority, and increase brand awareness while elevating your writing skill!

For this, you will need to find companies that are willing to pay you for your writing services. The businesses that are most likely to do that are SEO companies, big brands, other professional bloggers, and marketing companies.


The amount of money you can earn from a blog depends on a lot of things. The type of content you write, consistency, SEO skill, and marketing are some of the several factors that can either promote or demote your blog. So, to make a decent income from this field, you have to open doors to gain from multiple streams.

The methods included in this article are some of the many ways you can start make money blogging. Implement these strategies, and you will be on the road to making your blog a full-time career with a steady income soon enough!

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