How to Select an SEO Friendly Blog Name?

Topic that will be discussed in this post is about the name. Choosing an SEO friendly blog name is hard enough, I have to admit it, I was so when when you first start blogging world. Indeed there is a poet ( or whatever he / she is ) says ” What’s in a name “, but you know that the name for a blog is quite influential in many ways, including in terms of SEO itself. According to my experience for surfing in the world of blogging, bloggers usually choose a name for a blog / website that it manages to use their own names. I was used to, too, when starting a blog very confused to choose what name and in the end choose the name itself hehehe.

Ok, in accordance with the intermezzo above, this time I will give you some tips for you that will choose the name of your blog / website you’re good for you who just want to enter into the world of bloggers or who are elderly in the world of bloggers.

1. Do not use Name Too Long

This is the most important in the selection of the name of a blog, Why? because if you choose a long name for your blog then people would be lazy to type the name of your blog. The reason is very simple is not it? but this is quite influential loh! valid examples like this, you certainly know the various kinds of sites such as,,,,, etc. instead? whether these sites use a very long name? NO!

I observed several sites / blogs that are well known preferring the name is simple, short and easy to remember, so that the visitors will very easily keeping in their sites. Moreover, try not to use the name for the blog more than 10 characters, so if more than 10 characters rather difficult to remember not: D? later blog visitors even forget the name of your site.

2. Select Name accordance Scene Blog

Selecting the name fit with the theme of the blog managed important enough. For example like this, you have a blog blog name but when visited his blog, it turns out it about the kinds of recipes, so obscene is not it?

I’m here not to blame if you already use your own name as the name of your blog, but how good you are choosing the blog name in accordance with the theme of the blog that you manage, do one of the tablets, the name of the blog can also be regarded as a “keyword” by google and this also affects our blog search results in google. Try it you observe when you’re looking for something in google certainly also the name of the site content is not related to the content? 🙂

Examples like this, a niche blog is about a blog, so stay inserted the word “blog”, “blogger”, “blogging” as the name of his blog: D

3. Never Too Many Uses Strip & Figures

Use dashes (-) and numbers in the name of the blog / site does little influence in the SERP and SEO. Because according to my observations, some sites that often appear in the search on google still use the dash (-) between the names and numbers of their blog. However, their use also still reasonable, because it is not using a lot of strip or numbers.

A blog is too uses a lot of strips or numbers will look bad and even sometimes hard to remember. Moreover, there is a figure in the middle of the name of the site is, the more difficult to remember is not it? so try to use numbers and dashes in fair use.

I suggest you to use a dash (-) as much of the fruit just as a connector and the maximum of 3 pieces to be easily remembered. However I do not recommend to insert in the middle of the name instead of the letter, because it will be difficult for visitors to remember the name of our blog 🙂

4. Use a Unique Name

Use a unique name for your blog, a unique name will be easily remembered by visitors than the names that already exist in the market. If the name you look catchy and lost interest , would be preferred by the visitors of your blog.

5. Use the Google Keyword

As I mentioned in the second point, the name of the blog also affect your keywords in google or other search mesing. For that, use a tool from google called google keywords . Try to choose a blog name that has fewer competitors and often sought digoogle, so that your own blog will be more “lift” in a search engine.


Naming for a website / blog is very important. A name can mean everything, the name of the blog is simple, easy to remember will be preferred by the visitors rather than the name of a complicated and long. Besides the blog name that matches the theme blog that we manage also be more friendly to search engines, because our name could be considered as “keyword” 🙂 Anyone want to add? please leave your comment below ya 🙂

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