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How to Stream the Android Games on YouTube?

Do you know that people earn money by playing games?

Yes, playing games. Who knew that it would be a reality!

It felt even unbelievable to me, but it is true.

When I saw people streaming YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or other places in my gameplay, I thought that they do it for fun.

I was surprised that in addition to this fun activity, many YouTubers also make money.

And it can be done by anyone including you.

This tutorial is about how you can stream mobile games on YouTube (currently working only for Android devices).

Once you get to know how YouTube allows us monetize our video content, the next goal is content posting.

If you are a gamer, then you are going to like this tutorial. You share it with your gaming buddies so that they can earn passive income or help them show their gaming skills on YouTube. Win-win!

Twitch  is the most popular social network where you earn money to stream your gameplay. YouTube also got involved in it, and Facebook has just begun.

I am a fan of some games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and recently started playing PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds).

When I was playing PUBG on my mobile, I was wondering how I can stream this game live on YouTube or Facebook. After doing some research, I  found out about the OBS Software (Open Broadcaster software). Setting up OBS seemed like a fun thing, but I thought how it would be to stream Android device games.

Before I fall into this depth, I learned about the YouTube gaming app which is available for Android devices. Using this free app, you can live stream any Android game or app on your YouTube channel. This is probably the simplest way to stream your Android games or anything else from the screen to YouTube.

The only limitation is that you can only stream on YouTube. You need to find another solution for other social networks like Twitch or Facebook. I will talk about it in any other article.

For now, learn about the YouTube gaming app. By the end of this guide, you will be able to live stream any game on your YouTube channel from your Android phone.

How to stream and earn Android games on YouTube

First things first, YouTube offers ad channels for those active channels that provide genuine and useful content. Once a channel reaches 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in 12 months, then it is reviewed for inclusion in the program. Once your channel gets approved for the YouTube Partner Program, whenever you see your uploaded video on YouTube, you earn money.

With YouTube’s increasing popularity, you have a good chance of earning more money over time.

You can upload any original content, for example, a screencast, recording yourself, educational content, cooking videos, DIY videos, fun videos and gaming videos.

To monetize gaming videos, as stated in the YouTube content monetization policy for games:

”Video game content may be monetized depending on the commercial use rights granted to you by licenses of video game publishers. Some video game publishers allow you to use all video game content for commercial use and state that in their license agreements. Likewise, videos showing software user interface may be monetized only if you have a contract with the publisher or you have paid a licensing fee. (Source)

In simple words: You have to check that the game you play on your Android phone or PC is what you are allowed to monetize that game. You will check that game by streaming it on YouTube. You can also get help from gaming forums.

Now comes the big question:

How to Stream Games

For Computer, you can use Open Broadcaster software which is free.

For Android phones, you can use the YouTube Gaming app, which is available on the Play Store.

We will focus on the YouTube Gaming app for this tutorial.

YouTube Gaming app

First you have to download the YouTube gaming app on your Android phone and log in with your Google Account.

Depending on the status of your YouTube account, it can ask you to verify yourself using a phone number. Once the basic setup is complete, the next step is to start streaming from your phone.

Open the app and click on the broadcast icon at the top.

Broadcast live video from android

On the next screen you have to select whether you want to live stream and also select video quality.

live stream games to YouTube

When you hit next, you need to know that you are about to go public. This means that any background noise or screen notification will be live. Therefore, make sure that you have disabled all notifications and set your environment in such a way that you are not embarrassed in any way.

Live streaming Tips

Once you press the next button, you will be prompted to select the app that you want to live streamed.

Select game for Live stream

In this case, I have selected the PUBG game. Now, on the next screen, you need to name the video and add a description.

Streaming Game info

Before going live you will also get the option to share video link on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms (a great way to inform your regulars). Click on the next button to start streaming and open the app with the controller.

Game live stream on YouTube

You have the option to enable / disable the front camera from the camera icon.

You can place floating bubble anywhere on the screen so that it does not bother your gameplay.

Once you are ready, click on the start button to start streaming and you will go live immediately.

You will also be able to see the viewers’ comments while playing. If you have a laptop / computer in front of you, you can open the YouTube live dashboard page on your browser and view users’ comments and control the settings of your live video.

My Experience When I Was Streaming PUBG

I wanted to try streaming live, and I did a PUBG stream on my YouTube channel through the YouTube gaming app. The app has made the streaming fun. However, I experienced a lag which was due to an under powered Android phone.

The most important thing is to have a high spec phone for this goal.

As more powerful Android devices launch in the market, we can expect better gameplay and more people who do online stream.

Now, it’s your turn to make your gaming skills live stream on YouTube and make your own following.

If you know about someone who is already earning passive income by playing live stream on YouTube, I would love to hear about it. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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