Embed Facebook Feed on Website- Easiest Way for Non-Techie

Facebook is a popular social media platform that is used by more than 2 billion people every month. With such a great number of users on this social media platform, it has become a great tool to bridge the gap between social followers and digital leads. It is because many people find company websites by way of Facebook. Facebook is definitely a good way of introducing your visitors to your more social side, without having to leave them your site. Embedding your Facebook feed on the website is a good way of doing this. In the current times, social media is an interactive platform for the users and thus every marketer should adopt this strategy to increase their followers as well as sales.

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Why Is It Worthwhile to Use Facebook Feed on Website?

As we discussed above, embedding Facebook feeds on the website is a good way to bridge the gap between shoppers and more lead generation. It also acts as social proof to your website which means more conversions and sales. Embedding Facebook feeds on the website will not only engage users but also increase their staying time on the site.

With the help of a social media aggregator tool, you can easily embed a live Facebook feed on the website. It works in real-time and is beneficial for announcing any upcoming events, promotions, or offers. With all these benefits it made it really important to use Facebook feeds on your official business website.

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Ways to Embed Facebook Feed on Website

In the above section, we have learned about the importance of embedding a Facebook feed on the website. Now we will gain knowledge about the easiest ways for a non-techie to embed a Facebook feed on the website. So, let’s begin!

Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin

Taggbox widget is a social media aggregator tool and user-generated content platform that helps to create and embed engaging Facebook feeds on a website. This amazing tool comes with creative customizations, real-time updates, content filtering, and much more.

With the help of this amazing tool, you can easily embed your Facebook feed on your WordPress website. This extraordinary platform offers you a wide range of customization and moderation options.

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This will make your website look intriguing and attractive. You can choose the related backgrounds, themes, and banners of your choice. With its moderation feature, you can easily filter out the irrelevant content which you do not wish your audience to see.

SnapWidget to embed the Facebook feed

SnapWidget is another user-friendly tool that will effectively embed Facebook feed on the website. For all the people who wish to display their artistic expression, it offers photo-gallery widgets. To portray your content you can create all sorts of grids, boards, and slideshows.

SnapWidget gives you an option to preview the content before embedding it so that you can view the overall appearance of your website. After being satisfied you can just click on the Get Widget button for the code snippet and you are done.


With the use of the SociableKIT tool, your website will become more sociable and attractive. This is a tool for specific business and professional websites, which makes it easier for you to upload the same content over diverse social media handles. With the help of this tool, your live video, stories, pictures, etc. lets you create your custom feed.

This is the best tool that will solve the problem of manually updating social media feeds. You can easily boost the theme of your website with its useful features. SociableKIT helps to easily sync your Facebook content on other websites.


For sure in the current era, user-generated content is the new sales weapon. With the use of Embed Social, it will sync your Facebook pages, Google locations, and generate the reviews automatically.

Not only Facebook, but this social media platform showcases user-generated content from all kinds of social media platforms. EmbedSocial makes your website more user-centric and dynamic.

This is an extraordinary platform that generates your Facebook feed to embed an entire wall on any website, based on the individual requirements. This social media aggregator tool offers great features that make its use worthwhile. It offers great customization, layout options, and moderation features.

Wrapping Up

For sure Facebook is an amazing social media platform popular among all ages of individuals. In recent times, this platform has gained more popularity among brands and businesses for marketing their products and offers shoppers an easy shopping experience.

Thus it is not at all difficult for a non-techie to embed the Facebook feed on the website with the help of the above-listed tools. Therefore with the above-listed tools, you can in an easy way to give your website a more appealing look.

This, as a result, will increase the dwelling time of the customers and will make them your potential buyers. Seeing the captivating Facebook feeds on your website, it will draw in more people onto your Facebook page and thus increase your followers.


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