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Marine Water Filtration

Softened water is a sought-after commodity and can be added to your boat using a compact water softener. It can be a great feature to add to your boat since much of the water found on the routes is hard water. Freshwater sources are likely to contain different quantities of calcium and magnesium depending on your location. The water may also have varying levels of iron and manganese.

Having compact water filtration and wash down systems for your boat diminish contaminants and allow you access to clean and safe drinking water. It is important to ensure that your boat is free of hard water and minerals that could damage the fixtures in it and do more harm than good. Having soft water will help preserve the exterior of your boat’s fixtures.

Currently, the method used for softening marine water is of the thermal variety. It usually works similar to a water cycle by evaporating water into steam and then condensing it in order to provide clean water. This method is effective in removing particles. Collecting and condensing steam is inefficient and produces a lower amount of pure water. To get the same volume of water, thermal processes will require three times the amount of seawater. Water filters are used to remove impurities from water and therefore serve as an important tool in fighting hardness and bacteria that makes a better quality of water for usage.

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