What treatments are available for a slipped disc?

A slipped disc is a common injury that can affect people in a range of different ways. Some conditions are relatively mild and can be cured naturally – through rest and gradual exercise – whereas other cases can result in severe discomfort or even immobility – requiring urgent medical attention.

If you are suffering from a slipped disc, then it is vital that you have a thorough understanding of the different treatments available to you. This will help to inform you of the right decision to make for your condition and prevent you from taking any unnecessary risks during your recovery time.

If your slipped disc is causing you considerable pain or affecting your daily life in an intrusive manner, then it is worth considering both stem cell treatment and traditional surgery.

Each has its merits, and it is worth learning more about both approaches to find the one that works best for you. Surgery, for example, is the most common option, but it is intrusive and runs the risk of side effects that pose more of a health risk than the slipped disc itself.

Here is a list of treatments available for a slipped disc:

Try stem cell treatment

Stem cell treatment is still relatively unknown outside of specialist medical circles but is quickly building a reputation as a safe and effective method of treating a number of different ailments – including spinal injuries.

The reason why stem cell treatment is rising in popularity is that it offers a regenerative approach to slipped disc treatment. The stem cells regrow the damaged tissue, making it a more ‘natural’ process than surgery.

Stem cell spinal cord injury treatment also offers a far faster recovery time than the equivalent surgery, with a much lower chance of potentially dangerous side effects – such as infection from incision or damage to your spinal nerves.

Consider surgery if the injury is severe

The most common solution to a slipped disc is surgery. It is worth pointing out that surgery is still only considered if the affliction is causing severe pain and is a pressing health risk, as most slipped discs can be healed either naturally or through stem cell treatment.

You will usually know if your condition is severe because you will likely be in excruciating pain, feel numbness or a tingling sensation in your arms, shoulders, or buttocks, or lose control of your bowels.

Nevertheless, it is vital that you consult a medical professional before proceeding with any treatment decision.

Surgery is usually highly effective for treating a slipped disc, but the recovery time can take a few weeks, although working with a physio can speed the process up.

You should also consider the potential risks of slipped disc surgery. While unlikely, surgery can lead to bleeding, infection, and damaged nerves or blood vessels. This should be weighed up against the benefits to determine whether surgery is worth the disruption.

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Allow the slipped disc to heal naturally

Of course, most slipped discs can be healed without the need for treatment.

You can usually heal from a slipped disc within a few weeks or months if you rest for a period and then slowly increase your level of physical exercise. Each case is unique, so follow the guidance of a medical professional if you want to heal from your condition naturally.


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