Small Business Ideas for Registered Nurses

Getting into nursing can be a great career for many reasons, with excellent job security, high demand around the world, and lots of opportunities for advancement. However, nurses aren’t limited to only working in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Nurse entrepreneurs often have a unique combination of qualifications, skills, and attributes that can help them to run a successful business venture. As a nurse, there are various healthcare business ideas that you might want to consider, with a clear advantage over your competition due to your medical knowledge and experience. Nurses often possess a range of transferable skills that will help them do well in business, including leadership skills, critical thinking skills, organization skills, and more. Some ideal business ideas for nurses to consider include:

Healthcare Consulting

As a healthcare consultant, you will be working directly with your clients to help them make sense of medical information. You’ll work closely with clients to make sure they have the information that they need to make the right choices when it comes to their health and medical care, including choosing the right options for treatment, medication, health insurance, and more. The service is often very beneficial for patients who are dealing with chronic or terminal illnesses and require ongoing and often complicated healthcare plans.

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End of Life Care

An increasing number of patients are choosing to stay at home for the end of their lives wherever possible. Many patients prefer the idea of being in a comfortable and familiar setting surrounded by their loved ones. However, many of these patients will require specialized healthcare during this time. As a result, end-of-life care businesses step in to provide this very important service to their clients and their families during a difficult time.

Appointment Assistance

Many older or disabled patients may benefit from an appointment assistance service, which you will be a position to start as a registered nurse. Helping patients is at the front and center of offering this service, and online accelerated BSN programs for non nurses from Baylor University are the ideal choice if you are looking for a change of career to start your own business offering help and support to patients as a nurse. This service focuses on helping and supporting patients to make and attend their healthcare appointments, working closely with clients to make sure that they are getting their healthcare needs met.

Holistic Care

If you are interested in holistic medicine and healthcare, a business in this industry might be an ideal choice for you. There are several options for starting a business in the holistic health industry, whether you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, meditation, CBD, or other holistic approaches. You will be able to provide patients with any healthcare services that they might like to try alongside conventional treatments or as an alternative. As a nurse, you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide your patients with expert advice on these approaches, to ensure that they are opting for the treatments that are most likely to work alongside any treatments they already receive.

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New Mom Services

If you are trained as a nurse-midwife, you may want to consider starting a business that allows you to offer help and support to new moms. New mom coaching and care services are growing in demand as families with new babies find it increasingly harder to juggle looking after their newborns alongside working and other commitments. You could run a business where you provide advice and help to new moms with questions and concerns, or a hands-on, practical service where moms can hire you and other trained employees to provide in-home help and support during the first few weeks or months of their new baby’s life.

Wellness and Health Coaching

Today, more and more people are putting their health and wellbeing first, and as a nurse, you have the skills and knowledge required to help people get better results in this aspect of their lives. More and more people are looking for skilled and experienced professionals who are able to provide them with advice or put a plan together to help them improve their overall health and wellbeing. You could offer services to people who want to lose weight and improve their diet, boost their mental health and wellbeing, or quit unhealthy habits.

Medical Product Retailing

Nurses tend to be professionals who have a lot of knowledge of the medical industry, making them ideal candidates for entrepreneurship in the medical products industry. Since medical organizations and healthcare professionals will always require medical products, this can be a lucrative and successful business idea for nurses who have a solid understanding of the products that tend to be in the highest demand. From medical equipment to scrubs and hospital beds, there are always essential items that there is a demand for.

Hospital Photography

If you are a nurse and looking to start a business that allows you to continue caring for your patients in a different way, hospital photography could be an ideal choice for you if you are interested in this creative hobby. Hospital photographers are often hired to take photographs of newborn babies within their first hours of life, or even document births for parents to look back at. In this role, you will be tasked with creating precious memories for your clients. In some cases, family members might hire a hospital photographer to take family photos with a loved one who is receiving end of life care, so it can be a very specialized and sensitive role that nurses will often possess the skills and qualities necessary to succeed in.

Nursing is one of the major healthcare roles today with millions of nurses needed all around the world. However, providing bedside care to patients is not the only role that you may be interested in as a nurse. If you are entrepreneurial and want to work as your own boss, these businesses ideas for registered nurses could be of interest to you.


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