The Rules of Brand Safety in 2018

Last month, Google launched an ad-blocker within its Chrome browser to improve the advertising experience and relevance by blocking intrusive and annoying ads. This decision will not only require brands to review their ads to ensure their dissemination but also encourage them to take brand safety measures, here are some reminders:

The Rules of Brand Safety in 2018

  • Brand safety is not just about avoiding harmful content: the location, the context in which the ads are served, the message being broadcast or poor targeting are all elements that can harm the brand. Advertisers must therefore pay attention to this with the major challenge of introducing advertising quality on a large scale.
  • For each brand environment and brand safety: it is not always easy to identify the harmful content as in the case of global conflicts and media facts where brand safety tactics are used on a large scale (ex: exclusions of URLs). Each advertiser must indeed take into account his environment or sector and define a control of his own by analyzing meticulously including the content of a page word by word.
  • The pre-bid, combining brands: pre-bid solutions that instantly determine the advertising environment by studying the keywords used allow advertisers to ensure that content and inventory are verified before purchase and are therefore beneficial for brands.
  • Transparency and control, keys to success: the elimination of fraud and transparency on the exploitation of personal data is essential to prevent brands from being penalized.

To avoid compromising their reputation, advertisers must learn to master all facets of brand safety in a changing advertising environment and context.

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