Top Laptop Brands You Must Consider in 2020

There are numerous factors that one must look for when it comes to buying a high-range laptop. And, the laptop brand is one of the most essential things that you should take into account while choosing the best laptop for you that will fit your budget but also provide a world-class performance.

Starting from gaming laptops to regular-use laptops, top laptop brands offer remarkable specifications and alluring designs for every user. Finding the right laptop brand is becoming strenuous every day, as new laptop brands are investing in the tech-markets.

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Moreover, when it comes to opting for the right laptop brand, don’t just go by its specifications or appearance. There are plenty of other things that need a proper inspection to get the best laptop for you. This includes the market value of the laptop, price, quality durability, and much more. Now, let’s check out what are the top-most laptop brands that are ruling the market.

Latest & Top Laptop Brands

It is really important to go for in-depth research to find out the best laptop brand that will mitigate your current and upcoming laptop-related demands. So, we have to put together a list of renowned brands that you check if you are planning to buy a laptop in 2020.

1.   Dell: Best at Innovation

Undoubtedly, Dell is one of the top-leading brands which comes with space-grade heating materials and unrivaled settings customization. For more than a decade, Dell laptops have been advanced and still, now they are introducing numerous laptop models to enhance one’s productivity. They offer the best all-in-one gaming laptops and desktops for immersive gameplay.

Additionally, Dell monitors are the best and perfect addition that you should consider in your home or office setup. Along with exceptional performance, Dell laptops are widely known for their advanced sustainability which is a blessing to humankind. So, if you are into a Windows laptop, stick to your decision and go for buying the best rated Dell series like Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware.

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2.   HP: Best 2-in-1 Laptops

When we talk about getting a new branded laptop, the first thing that strikes our mind is

its functionality. Moreover, several 2-in-1 laptops are lined up for gamers and office, and school-going individuals. Among them, HP is the clear winner. HP laptops are incomparable when it comes to reliability, affordability, and high-class performance.

Moreover, HP laptops are equipped with extendable battery life, super-slick design, and ultra-swift keyboard. Alongside this, you get an incredible warranty and technical support from the HP Help desk if you encounter any problem. Or else, you can always visit nearby laptop repair Dubai service center to overcome all the laptop hurdles. There are some popular HP series laptops that you should absolutely consider buying in 2020, those are, Envy, Spectre, Pavilion, and Elite.

3.   ACER: Best User Choice Laptop

Being one of the pre-eminent laptop brands, ACER laptops are globally known for their variety. ACER offers a wide range of laptops at an affordable price. The price for the laptop is worth spending as it renders spectacular design and performance. Additionally, the Chromebooks offered by ACER provide highly-appreciable performance. The profound ACER manufacturer has developed several high-end gaming laptops and Notebooks that are praise-worthy.

The most-sold laptop series of ACER is Aspire. Recently, they have released the Predator series which is mainly designed for gamers. All in all, it can be concluded that ACER is a decent laptop brand that can be suitable for everyone, whether you are a gamer, content writer, or student. So, keep yourself productive with ACER laptops on-the-go!

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4.   Asus: Best Designed Laptop

You must have heard about Asus laptops, they are a must-have gadget. Whether its durability, affordability, or body design, Asus laptops are at the top list. Additionally, Asus are best-known for their super flexible mini-laptops and Chromebooks. Every Asus laptop has a high-quality hardware system including an HD display, storage drives, and of course an incredible motherboard.

Being one of the best laptop brands, they offer a vast collection of well-built and supreme quality gaming beasts. Moreover, Asus has enhanced their technical support, so that the users can get in touch with them easily through social media platforms or via phone. One of the most notable Asus gaming series laptops is ASUS ROG that has obtained excellent customer reviews all over the world.

Choose Wisely!

By now, you might have acknowledged the major laptop brands that have acquired huge recognition across the globe. Now, it’s your time to step into the right path to explore the possibilities associated with buying a brand new laptop. Grab the best one and get started!


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