Want To Look Cool? Learn To Play Pool

The game of pool and its players paint a certain picture in people’s minds. As a popular party game in bars, clubs, and basement rec rooms, the pool enjoys a certain cultural coolness factor, which extends to the most capable players. To get in on the glory, you’ve got to get good at the game.

What You Need

Every sport requires special equipment, and pool is no exception. On the upside, pool accessories can also be used for other billiards-based games. Before you buy anything, be sure your supplies conform to WPA specifications.

First, you’ll need a full set of 15 pool balls, each of which has its own color and number, plus the white cue ball. Used to hit the other “object balls”, the cue ball itself is struck with a cue stick.

Your biggest purchase will be your pool table. While a new custom table is tempting, professionally refurbished pool tables Durham NC can save you money and look just as good in your game room.

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How To Play

As with poker, pool has a large number of variations with different regulations. To minimize confusion, start by mastering the most common game, called eight-ball. With the black 8 ball in the center, rack up all 15 balls inside the triangle on your table. When you “break”, meaning you take the first shot, whichever type of ball you land in a pocket, either “solids” (balls 1 through 7) or “stripes” (balls 9 through 15), is your suit for the game. The aim is to sink all of your balls into the pockets and stop your opponent from sinking his. The 8 ball is left until the end, at which point the first one to pocket the 8 ball wins the game. A player who sinks the 8 ball too soon loses by default.

Once you’ve learned the basic principles of pool, you can adapt to any game’s rules. As the resident pool expert, you could be the coolest person at your next party.

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