What to Consider When Choosing an Office Phone System

Business phone systems offer many business features, from call forwarding and logs to conference calls and team collaboration tools.

Whether starting or seeking to update, picking the right business phone system is crucial. It will transform how you interact with clients, colleagues and potential customers. Many options exist, but you must consider your company’s goals and activities. Then, you can narrow your choices and guarantee that your investment will yield the best results.

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The cost of choosing the right business phone system depends on several factors. This includes how many people you expect to call, your company’s goals and budget, and your business type. The most basic business phone systems allow businesses to place and receive calls. These systems may be either analog or virtual. You may need business telephone equipment Aurora CO for each site. It will depend on the quantity of equipment you have to buy and set up in each office. A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a centralized telephone system that connects desk phones within a single network. It also allows call transfers and conferencing.


Business phone systems offer many business features, from call forwarding and logs to conference calls and team collaboration tools. These are all designed to make your small business communications easier and more efficient. One of the best business phone system features is intelligent call routing. This feature automatically routes calls to a specific agent, department or voicemail box based on preset rules and responses to IVR prompts. Another great feature is a voicemail-to-email function that transcribes messages to text and sends them to an employee’s email address. It saves time and prevents employees from missing important messages. Other features include auto attendants and on-hold music. These help your customers feel like they are being treated professionally, even if they are on hold. They also give a positive impression to new customers.


Today’s business phone systems provide a wide range of valuable calling, collaboration, and mobile tools for businesses of all sizes. The right plan can help you stay productive no matter where your team is or what they’re doing. Whether you’re a small-scale retailer looking for a basic system or a large service company with a call center, you need a business phone system that fits your specific needs now and adapts to your business as it grows. The best business phone systems will include integrations with software useful for sales and customer services, like a CRM, help desk, and email management system. These apps can decrease manual processes, streamline workflows, and sync customer data. A business phone system should also feature robust integrations with social media. It will enable your customers to reach you anytime through messaging platforms.

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When choosing a business phone system, security is an important consideration. It would be beneficial if you were confident that you could prevent hackers from gaining access to the data at your business. Reputable VoIP providers and a Session Border Controller (SBC) use military-grade security measures. They also patch for security vulnerabilities, update the manufacturer’s firmware, and regularly apply operating system updates to protect your network from threats. However, even reputable VoIP services aren’t safe from hacking attempts. Phreakers still exploit PBX systems to snag sensitive business information. The good news is that most PBX systems are protected against hacking by a combination of antivirus software and auto-detection mechanisms that identify attackers per second based on packets sent within a specific time interval. Businesses should also take precautions to keep their passwords secure and encourage employees not to store their passwords on text files or Post-It notes. Finally, implementing an annual technical support and maintenance subscription is the best way to ensure your PBX stays up-to-date with the latest software and firmware updates.


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