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3 Fun Weekend Projects

These are tons of projects to do around the house on a weekend, usually making use of tools and other supplies that you already have. Whether you want a project to complete on your own or include your children in the activity, here are three fun weekend projects.

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1. Build a Piece of Furniture

If you have some scraps of wood lying around, building a custom piece of furniture is a great way to spend an afternoon and leaves you with something you can use for years to come. There are many videos online showing beginners how to build furniture, so just make sure you have a space to work and the right hardware distributors tools. After you craft the wood into a piece of furniture, take some time to sand and stain the wood for a flawless finish.

2. Start an Herb Garden

An herb garden can be kept either outdoors or indoors. If you keep one indoors, make sure to leave the plants near a window that gets around six to eight hours of sunlight per day. Consider growing hearty herbs like oregano, mint and rosemary if you are a beginniner or do not have much time to dedicate to the plants, and consider growing cilantro, basil or parsley if you have more experience with gardening. Most of all, grow herbs that you enjoy and will want to use when cooking to give food a boost of flavor.

3. Brew Beer

While the initial equipment involved in brewing beer is more expensive than that used for building furniture and starting herb gardens, it can be a fun hobby and great conversation starter if you enjoy beer. Brewing the beer itself can be done in a day, and then you just have a wait a couple weeks or so for fermentation to complete.

Consider one of these projects for a fun weekend activity.

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