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5 Tips for Meeting New Clients

If you own a business, the quality of your service is just as important as the quality of your product. If you’re trying to woo a new client or discuss a major project, an email or phone call won’t do. You should invite them for an in-person meeting.

Evaluate Venues

If your office is small or cluttered, you may want to look into meeting room rental MA so that you can make the best impression possible. Another option is inviting the client out to lunch at a nice restaurant—with you picking up the tab, of course.

Do Research

What are your client’s needs and interests? What makes you the best company to fulfill them? If you can’t answer either question, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Familiarize yourself with the client’s web presence, as well as that of their competition. You don’t just want to be familiar with the company and its employees, but their industry.

Plan Ahead

Ask your client for a headcount if you have to budget for lunch or reserve space for your meeting. If you plan on going over materials or giving a presentation, make sure you show up early to set everything up. Most importantly, make sure your tablet or laptop is prepared for the meeting before you arrive. This will help you avoid awkward mistakes such as inappropriate browser tabs or pictures being open for your client to see.

Be Friendly

You don’t want to be overly intimate or share private details of your life. However, a little bit of personal flair goes a long way. If you know for a fact that both you and your client have shared hobbies or interests, don’t be afraid to bring them up.

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Follow Up

Whether with an email or an old-fashioned “thank you” card, be sure to express your gratitude to the client for meeting with you to discuss matters.

Always be curious and polite, but also be honest. It’s better to lose a client you can’t efficiently help than to be stuck with a bad fit.

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