A Quick Guide To Dredging

Since the beginning of civilization, people have used waterways to transport goods. The amount of good transported relied on the size of the boats, and in turn, the boats could only travel if the water was deep enough. Thus entered the first type of dredging, a process that removes underwater sediment and other deposits, making it easier for the ships to navigate.

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The Importance of Dredging

There are plenty of good reasons to search “dredging services near me.” Dredging creates safer trips by slowing underwater traffic and ensuring proper clearance for ships to pass through waterways. Dredging is a primary requirement for designing and constructing new bridges and dams as well. Without it, silt and other underwater deposits would compromise the integrity of the structures.

Dredging doesn’t just benefit humans, either. It is also an important method for ensuring the marine ecosystem remains free of pollution by assisting with environmentally friendly methods of disposing of toxic chemicals and other pollutants without harming the surrounding ecosystem. Dredging also helps to preserve underwater flora and is even useful for learning more about underwater creatures.

Mechanical vs. Hydraulic Dredging

There are two common types of dredging: mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical dredging is the use of mechanical tools like buckets and grabs to pick up sediment. It usually occurs near the shoreline where the moved sediment can be placed on nearby land or water. Mechanical parts can be used from the shore or from a barge and may be a continuous process.

During hydraulic dredging, centrifugal pumps are used to suck the sediment into pipes and transport it. It mixes with water, which makes it easier for the pipe to move it. Sometimes a booster pump is used for longer distances. The sediment is pumped to the nearest shore and is done so continuously. Hydraulic dredging is often preferable as it can reduce costs and energy usage.

If you have a dredging job that needs to be done, working with professionals who understand the field is essential. Look for a licensed, insured business that has proven experience in the industry.

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