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How To Choose Furniture For Your Office

Opening your new office means plenty of interior design. Between painting the walls and choosing the lighting options, you also need to decide what kind of furniture you want to bring into your business. You want something that is professional, comfortable, and can accommodate many different situations. There are several things to consider when choosing furniture for your office.

1. Choose Colors That Match Your Brand

The colors you choose for your Indianapolis office furniture are more important than you think. You want chairs, tables, and other furniture that matches the image that you present to your clients. If you operate a law firm, for example, you probably want to stick to the basics in a neutral color palette. What if you run a fashion design company, though? Neutrals will look too bland, so aim for adding pops of color throughout your office building. You might even consider purchasing furniture from a variety of thrift stores, vintage shops, and even garage sales to create something truly unique.

2. Ensure Your Space Is Accessible

When furnishing your office, it’s important to keep it accessible. People who have mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers may need more space to get through aisles or around corners. Keeping furniture spaced far enough to accommodate these aids is important. Consider, too, that people come in all shapes and sizes. Avoid furnishing the entire office in small chairs that have arms, as this makes it difficult for people of size to be comfortable in your space. Instead, include some larger chairs and, ideally, some that don’t have arms on the sides.

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3. Think About How Your Employees Like To Work

Your clients aren’t the only people who will be using your furniture, so consider how your employees like to work as well. Some employees are fine sitting at a desk all day while others prefer to stand while they work. Some employees work better on comfortable couches while others enjoy smaller tables or cubicles away from the rest of the workspace. Spacing out furniture, including a variety of options, and allowing your employees to work where they’d like in the building helps to build morale. Include comfortable couches, ergonomic chairs, and adjustable desks.

Chances are your office furniture is one of the first things that people notice when they walk into your building. Be sure it makes a good first impression. Purchase high-quality items that fit well with your brand and will be comfortable for clients and employees both.

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