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4 Personal Protection Devices You Should Consider Purchasing

Whether you travel often or love to cuddle in at home each night, it makes sense to own some personal protection devices. Not only can the items provide you with peace of mind, but they can also save your life in otherwise dangerous situations. Here are four personal security devices you should consider purchasing.

1. Weapon

Personal weapons can range from knives and swords to pistols and revolvers. If you choose to own a weapon, make sure you contact someone to train you in the proper use, cleaning, and care. Another must if you plan to carry the item around is to obtain the proper permits and locate the right size belt holsters.

2. Pepper Spray

If you want an easy-to-carry protection item, consider pepper spray. Created using the oil of a plant called oleoresin capsicum, the spray can be a painful deterrent to anyone wishing to attack you or your loved ones. The heat from the chili peppers causes extreme pain on exposed skin.



TASERs have been around since about 1975. The term is actually an acronym for Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle, but the device was created by an international company. Once deployed, the electric shock of 50,000 volts can incapacitate most people. Learning how to handle and reload the TASER is essential.

4. Knowledge

The best personal protection device you can carry with you at any time is knowledge. Understanding how to talk, walk and move when threatened can save your life. Some people opt for martial arts courses, while others enjoy training outdoors in strength contests. No matter which method you choose, developing protection knowledge is an important way to safeguard yourself.

Protect yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. You can probably find classes about personal protection devices in your neighborhood. Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable with the item you choose to carry, or you won’t want to use the device if you should need it.

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