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Micro-Moment Marketing: The New Big Thing in Digital Marketing

The development of science and technology has brought us many reformations over the past decades. One of the things that have changed drastically is the conventional mode of shopping. With the emergence of the internet and smartphones, there are global brands available to choose from when buying any specific product or service. With this demand for online shopping, as per a digital marketing services company, Micro-moment marketing has emerged as a big thing.

It’s providing better opportunities for retailers and brands to target their customers for their specific needs. Earlier the shopping was limited to a local region where the customers had a limited number of options. In this article, we are going to discuss the details of Micro-Moment marketing, how it works and how businesses doing digital marketing can benefit from it.

What is Micro-Moment marketing?

With the availability of a great range of options on the internet, customers tend to use their smartphones to look for a place where they can find any specific product or service. The research done on the interests of the customer when they search for those specific stores or locations is called Micro-moment.

From research, it has been found that around 95% of the users search for the product they want to buy or look for stores that provide those commodities. Also, researching such a large mass of audience can give a lot of insights into what the customers want.

Micro-Moment marketing involves the collection of insights for research done on customer needs. It then implements different techniques that can drive the customers to buy that specific product or service.

In a summative view, Micro-Moment marketing can be coined as paying attention to the customers and their search-related queries for their needs. It then uses that data to enhance business in the digital marketing sector.

How Micro-Moment impact the digital market?

With every new marketing strategy, the business gets a new stem of growth. Consumers are a big part of this progress. Their behavior impacts the needs of the market. This, in turn, affects the marketing strategies for the business. And since the majority of the customers use their smartphones to purchase or look for a store, Micro-moment marketing becomes very important.

This strategy is essential in digital marketing due to following reasons:

1. Seizing the customer’s attention

Micro-moment marketing targets the customers by looking at their search results in real time. This information gathered in the form of reports can help the business to catch the attention of the customer at the right time. Also, an appropriate message can be easily understood by the target audience or the customer.

Micro-moment marketing also helps businesses in developing better content that can be associated with the customers instantaneously. The previous study on customer searches helps in deciding the appropriate content. It can satisfy the customer’s urge to learn something or to buy any specific product or service.

2. Improved Brand awareness

Good branding holds an important position in the customer’s mind when they are searching for answers or looking for any products. A brand that can be trusted by customers works very well in any industry. Also, irrespective of the size of your business, Micro-moment marketing helps to grab the share of the market.

As per a digital marketing services company, micro-moment marketing helps to build a good rapport for e-Commerce and other websites. The contents of your website are another factor that contributes a lot to brand awareness. And with a Micro-moment marketing strategy, a business can target customers by adjusting its contents according to the customer’s needs and desires.

3. Successful growth

In any business, previous results have shown that when Micro-moment marketing has been chosen as a tool for digital marketing, businesses have grown to a global extent. This strategy is a customer-centric one according to a digital marketing services company.

All the details and information requested by the audience are satisfied effectively. The customers contact the company or visit the business website to make a purchase. This results in a boom in sales and thus helps the business in excelling at a larger market.

Why marketers should consider Micro-moment marketing?

Marketers have a great responsibility to pay attention to the needs and trends that are associated with the customers. Customers tend to make instant decisions. So when the marketer acts fast, the customer is driven toward purchasing the product or service. Below are some of the important reasons why Micro-Moment marketing can be a key factor to enhance the business:

  • Marketers need to plan and optimize the contents of any website. It’s to be such that it can catch the attention of a larger set audience. And with the number of mobile users being so high, real-time Micro-moment marketing can help a lot in achieving that.
  • Understanding the intents along with the behavior of the customer is another factor that marketers have to pay a lot of attention to. With this Micro-moment marketing, they are exactly able to do that to satisfy the demands and impact of customer’s experience.
  • Micro-moment marketing also helps in achieving better customer service by listening to each query raised by mobile users and thus the brand visibility enhances in the market.
  • With the correct set of information, the marketers can target a specific audience and adjust the website contents which will help achieve higher ROI for the marketing cost.
  • Micro-moment marketing also helps in keeping the purchase funnels short. It does so by reducing the check-out time and with ease of purchasing any product or service by the customer. With lesser steps to do the purchase on the business website, customers have a better buying experience.


Audiences have switched from the traditional modes of shopping and e-Commerce websites have been popular over the past decade. And businesses are also updating them according to these new changes in the market. Many new trends are empowering popular brands to reach out to potential customers according to their specific requirements.

Also, micro-Moment is such as new big thing that provides businesses with the opportunity to cater to a specified and targeted audience. And adopting this new trend can be beneficial for small businesses based on digital marketing.

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Nupur Modh Nupur Modh is the CEO of Rise Socially, a leading full service digital marketing agency in India for a wide range of industries. For the last 15 years, she has been actively involved in digital marketing services.

Her passion for success has led her to work with more than 500 Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and franchisees. Her extensive marketing and managerial experience has helped the company become a digital powerhouse.


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