8 Expert Tactics to Increase Traffic and Boost Sales Online

“How do I drive more traffic and increase sales of my online store?” As an entrepreneur, this thought has definitely crossed your mind at some point or the other.

Every business owner wants more customers. In this fast pacing world, when the majority of the customers are online, you must strategize to drive more customers to your website and turn them into sales.

Whether you run a small retail business or a vast e-commerce network, increasing online sales is far more complicated than what it seems. With the online shopping cart abandonment rate hovering around 69.57%, it’s all on you to do everything you can to attract more customers and convert them to sales.

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In this guide, I’ve compiled a few great tips shared by marketing gurus to help you get more customers to your online store and generate business.

1. Build a user-friendly website

If you want your customers to choose your business over others in the market, you need to do work on your online presence. Focus on what you are selling and how it would benefit the customer. Make your assignmenthelp.us website easy to navigate.

Don’t overwhelm your potential customers with too many products and services. Even if you have multiple services to offer, pick out one or a set of products now and then, and focus on promoting the benefits. Answer all the queries your visitors have of your product on multiple platforms.

2. Give free samples as much as you can

There’s no doubt people LOVE free stuff. Honestly, even I love free samples. It allows me to try a new product before purchasing.

Giving away free samples is a great way to build brand awareness. It is a popular tactic used by many small and big brands to attract new visitors and retain customers. Top luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada give away free perfume samples to improve the visitor’s perception of the brand.

Software businesses offer free software trial or trial memberships to introduce them to upgraded versions and tempt them to purchase.

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3. Build trust with loyalty programs

Many e-commerce companies already understand the significance of customer loyalty and follow unique strategies to improve customer trust. Loyalty programs could be as simple as offering your customers some reward or incentive plan.

A lot of companies use the incentive plan to accomplish sales target on limited-edition products. For instance, let’s say you are the owner of an electronics business. So you can offer some financial incentives like a flat discount or free shipping on an instant purchase.

Another way of gaining your visitor’s trust is to display customer testimonials. In the current scenario, the importance of customer testimonials is much crucial than ever. Include testimonials and reviews which give the best picture of your products and service.

4. Offer a money-back guarantee

There’s one challenge that every business has to endure, and that is the competition. You are not the only one in the market selling the product. Many customers avoid buying new products to prevent the risk of financial loss. That’s why you need to remove doubts from your potential buyer’s mind.

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Even for a small purchase, customers tend to analyze the risk factor first. And that’s where you can prove to the customer how you are different from the rest. Let’s take an example.

In the academic industry, the number of assignment help experts and research paper writing help services has skyrocketed over the last few years. With so many existing assignment help services, how would you make your mark? Quality? Yes. Best price? Of course! Now try throwing in the “money-back guarantee” feature. Trust me; it will attract students like giving away free hot chocolate!

The moment the visitor, in this case, a student visits your page for research paper writing help and comes across this feature, s/he is less likely dissuade from buying your services.

5. Try the referral program

If you still haven’t leveraged the power of referral marketing for your business, it’s time to give it a try.

  • 92% of the customers trust referrals from their acquaintances.
  • 77% of the customers buy new products based on a recommendation from a friend or family.

So you see, word of mouth can heavily influence a buyer’s decision. I am not saying to draw out some elaborate referral program and allocate a substantial amount for the same. No! Start with a simple way to show your customer that their recommendations matter to you.

This program has worked wonders for Dropbox who gained over 4M users in 15 months with their brilliant but straightforward referral program.

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6. Upsell to boost sells

A significant number of small and mid-size companies ignore one of the crucial selling weapons – upselling. In simple terms, you persuade your existing customers to purchase other complimentary products along with the one they are buying.

One of the most prominent examples is Amazon. With upselling, Amazon’s sales increased by 35%! Now that’s not negligible at all. If you are selling butter, you can add complimentary items like bread and milk. That way, you upsell and bring revenue.

Getting new customers costs you time, money, and resources, so why not upsell to your existing customers? After all, with an increase in sales, you have nothing to lose.

7. Deliver more than you promise

Along with quality products, customers love extraordinary service. Your target should be to brag less and deliver more. According to the market research experts, the companies that over-deliver with their products and services tend to have a higher customer retention rate.

Make every experience of the customer count. Respond to their queries; if possible, send them personal notes thanking them for placing their trust in you. I love it when I purchase from online boutiques, and they send me little handwritten notes or a gift card showing their appreciation. It gives a personal touch and entices me to go back to their website again.

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8. Provide valuable content

These days, online marketing is significantly dependant on the quality of content. Don’t only write and post updates that you assume your customers want to see. Focus on creating engaging content to boost your website’s SEO and reach to your target audience.

Whether it is video content or textual content, content marketing should be part of your marketing strategy. The more diverse range you create, the more engagement of your customers also increases. Follow the SEO rules right so that your posts are visible on the first page of the search results. That way, they can see your promotional posts, come to the website, and make a purchase.

Concluding words

From building a user-friendly website to creating engaging content, there are countless ways of driving traffic to your online store and increasing sales. Nonetheless, keep these expert-recommended tips in mind and review your existing marketing strategy. Analyze the metrics and identify the strategies that gave results, and create a retention program accordingly.

Author Bio

Agatha Jones is a digital marketing specialist who works at a reputed MNC in Australia. When not working, Agatha likes to assist students with assignments and help them with their studies through essayassignmenthelp.com.au, a notable online research paper writing help service provider in Australia.


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