Little Sophia Robot to teach children artificial intelligence and programming

Hanson Robotics has developed a small version of human-like Sophia called Little Sophia and will be dedicated to programming programming and artificial intelligence for children aged 8 years.

Android Little Sophia is designed for children aged 8 to 14 years and is 14 inches in size and able to perform many of the functions of her grand sister Sofia, including walking, talking, singing, playing games, joking, tracking and recognizing faces, To express some feelings such as joy, anger and sadness.

It is also a programmable robot in which children can be taught everything in accordance with the STEM curriculum – which aims to develop children’s skills in learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics – as well as their programming and artificial intelligence, thanks to the educational programs included by Hanson’s AI Academy.

The Little Sophia robot is developed by a global group of engineers, scientists, robotics specialists, game developers, character developers, designers and AI experts. This robot is easily programmable through smartphones or tablets.

“Our vision at Hanson Robotics is one of our major goals: to support and encourage future children who will shape our world tomorrow to become developers, engineers, designers and more,” said Hanson Robots, founder of Hanson Robots.

Research has shown that gaps in educational attainment are in kindergarten, and that these gaps continue until the end of the eighth grade at least, so the company developed this robot to overcome this problem and develop the child’s skills.

The Little Sophia robot offers a high quality educational and entertainment experience, so young students are very excited to spend time learning with them. The interaction between Little Sophia and users focuses on storytelling and learning new things, and is not just another robot game designed by a gaming company. Strong education.

The robot is programmable through a Sophiabot application developed by the manufacturer, and can be downloaded for iOS devices from iTunes Store and Android devices through the Google Play Store. It is programmed by writing code using block-based programming language, Python, In addition, it can interact with the child by reversing his movement which makes it a fun game, and also an educational tool.

Availability and price:

Hanson Robotics has introduced the Little Sophia Robot for pre-order from $ 129 to $ 199 on the Kickstarter group financing site as of January 30.

The project raised more than $269,000 from its target of $75,000 , with the first installment of Little Sophia being shipped to customers during December 2019.


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