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Is Google really affecting the attention span of young people?

One of the deepest concerns raised by many scientists and researchers is the diminished time spent, people jumping from one message to another or talking to three people at the same time and sometimes calling themselves the most intelligent children of modern times. Yes, it is easy to understand that communication speed, speech, and data transmission methods have improved with new technologies, but the question is, do we allow enough time to end or send to complete or understand the message? We can send emails in just seconds. We can talk about real-time in a few minutes and real-time low cost, but is there a compelling question that these new technologies are making our life timeless? Short?

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But how? We do all the right things fast and do new things every day. These technologies shorten our life as we make it so that we need everything faster in gentle seconds we need everything done faster than before.

What Is “a span of Attention”?

According to Psychology Today, “attention span is the time when we can focus on work before we start ‘kicking off’ space. Although a disturbing setting or a boring talk/meeting can definitely make anyone’s attention run because some people who focus on even the simplest thing for a moment can be annoying. ”According to studies, an average of a thousand years takes a smartphone 150 times a day. This over-reliance on technology is known as technological addiction.

If you have ever found it difficult to focus on one thing without stopping to check your emails or post on social media, you are not alone. Medium-term attention spans – how long we can focus on one task – were recently reported by Microsoft to fall below the gold standard.

This certainly plays into our fear of what the daily floods of social media and email do to us, and to younger generations in particular. However, these figures may be misleading. In some cases, this report does not contain the exact details of the goldfish or personal attention other than the Microsoft web page numbers from which it has been issued.

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Most importantly, our brains are flexible, constantly regenerating, and reusing our mental capacity to keep pace with nature. So the idea that our attention span is likely to change in response to today’s online world is not surprising and we have nothing to worry about. However, there is an argument that we must take care to maintain our attention in a world that continues to be plagued by distractions.

The online world is becoming increasingly sophisticated as advertisers try to tempt us with their products. Similarly, public places are becoming more and more obsessed with ads that can play audio and video to further our attention. Escape from this war-torn arena is one of the luxuries of the modern world. That’s why pay-per-view sites at airports are free from noisy, distorted ads and why ad removal is an important sales platform for paid apps.

Our mental faculties change, as is often the case to help us succeed in changing circumstances. But now, more than ever, our environment is created by those who want attention or who want to sell access to it. It will certainly be interesting to see how our perceptive powers adapt to this new challenge. However, as individuals, we should also begin to value our attention as advertisers.

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Technology has taken over

There is no reason why a developed world should basically reduce our intellectual capacity and there should be no reason to fear them. Our abilities are constantly changing and even varying several times a day.

One of our activities at Open University is currently collecting information on this day through day cycles. We have created a mobile application that includes a level of consideration close to the other four intelligence functions. By using the form per day, you can become interested in this test and record these common changes in your performance. This can give you the energy to better plan your day and ultimately complete the chance of being a morning or night person.

The sooner, the better

However, as interesting as the perceived difference in mental capacity, the most appropriate investigation is likely to be what anyone is driving for the correction of our situation. Thankfully, this investigation does not require much response. Microsoft analysts are no longer the promoters, not the general population, and are approaching organizations to adopt “new immersion strategies, and continue to gradually expose themselves.”

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The growing number of deviations from our reality is largely due to new and evolving practices where sponsors can put their message before us – as well as the “irresistible immersion” procedures they will use once the news is out. Understanding this makes us realize that our thinking is a tool that broadcasters are fighting for.

The conclusion

Technology has undoubtedly made our lives more comfortable, but we must accept that we are human. We need the environment but using a smartphone is just about using more energy that can serve thousands of households with electricity. It is not a point at all that we should also take care of our country and our environment at the moment which is a serious problem that we should look forward to.

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