Staying Connected While RVing

Do you have an unquenched thirst for the RV lifestyle? RVing is no longer just the domain of those who want to disconnect entirely from the rest of the world. More people are embracing recreational vehicles for vacation travel in the lap of luxury. How can you hold on to the pleasures of the digital world while traveling over the road? Keep these tips handy as you’re preparing your next trip.

Phone Service

Check with your provider to be sure they offer service throughout the areas where you’ll be traveling. Most wireless carriers have maps that display where coverage is available. Usually, such maps will be color-coded to tell which speeds are offered. If signals are poor, look into obtaining an additional SIM card from a company that offers connectivity in the affected locales with a pay-as-you-go plan for necessary use.

TV Access

No one wants to miss the big game or the latest drama on their favorite reality show. Stay plugged in with a satellite entertainment package so you won’t miss a minute. A provider like DIRECTV Cincinnati can help you decide which setup will serve you best.

Internet Connection

Your phone’s data plan might be sketchy in different areas. If you’re heading to an RV park, they might have WiFi, but using public wireless raises security and privacy risks. Even if you have tethering capabilities on your cellphone plan, the availability of a high-speed connection is low compared to other options. A portable WiFi hotspot could offer some help, but reliability varies, just as with cellular service. A surefire way to maintain Internet access is with a satellite, especially in the remotest of locations.

If you’d like to rough it but not get too rough, there are multiple options to keep some of the digital comforts of home while on the road. Check out your options and hit the road for fun and adventure!

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