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Branding: the importance of adding value to your brand

For companies, differentiating today is a challenge. So, investing in Branding has become not only an option but a duty for many brands.

It doesn’t matter if you are a big company or an SME, you need to differentiate yourself, be visible, and give value to your brand to win more sales.

As a company, you need more than just a product for your target audience to come and, above all, be faithful to your brand or product. And that ‘something else’ you must get through Branding.

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Don’t you know what Branding is yet?

Branding is nothing more than the creation and management of the brand. Either internally or externally through a specialized agency, branding must be one of the basic pillars on which to establish your brand.

But you will think, I already have my brand created, that is, the logo, different applications, web, and different profiles in social networks, why do I have to invest now in branding?

Very simple, branding in addition to encompassing all those elements described also seeks to bring a value, a tone, and an identity to your brand. Long live, think and feel for yourself.

No matter the sector in which you develop your business activity, all brands, believe it or not, have their own identity. And this is more than necessary.

We live in a society where benefits, price, aesthetics, and even delivery time are key factors in the differentiation of products within the market.

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In some cases, very aggressive and restrictive policies for the rest of the brands. It is here that branding becomes important.

Below, we explain some of the main advantages and benefits that you will get when working on the image of your brand.

Differentiation about competition

Betting on values ​​as a differentiating element for your brand is always an advantage.

Not only do you generate your own identity and character, but also, this will help you to get rid of the competition. Many of the big brands we live with every day use this as a claim for their customers. An example is Starbucks.

How is it different from other coffee franchises? At first glance, only in the price of their products.

But really the differentiating power of Starbucks compared to the rest lies in all those intangibles that surround the brand.

Starbucks promises that we will enjoy a unique experience, in a place designed exclusively for that purpose, to have a coffee in a pleasant way as if we were at home.

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Less investment in Advertising

Many companies believe that if the capital destined for advertising increases so will their success in the market.

This is not entirely true. In some cases, this strategy works, we admit it. But in many others no.

A brand usually does not reach stardom overnight. It takes a lot of effort, patience, and effort to get it.

It is important here, to know how to manage your brand in the right way, to know your audience in-depth, to know how you think, how the brand feels, and, above all, what you think of it, be it good or bad.

It is also important to be very clear about what objective you want to achieve with advertising, and what values ​​to convey to the consumers of your product or service.

Knowing all this information will save you time and money in useless advertising campaigns.

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Feeling of unity

Feeling part of something is one of the main motivations of people. Feel part of a team, a project, a company, or a brand. You must dedicate part of your efforts to create this link between your brand and users, whether they are consumers or workers of your company.

Remember: there is no better prescriber than a motivated worker.

If your workers feel at ease, and they feel part of the brand, there will be nothing to stop the path to success.

A clear example we see with the case of Apple.

They not only offer quality and innovative technology, but also an experience, a feeling that goes beyond.

Owning the new iPhone X not only makes you the owner of the latest in mobile technology, but also a certain status.

Apple has achieved the unthinkable, that through its products its customers have a series of added values ​​related to their social position or lifestyle.

How many of the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle do not include owning any of their products? Think about it.

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Trust and strength

Your brand should not only be powerful to reach the maximum possible number of users. But also, reliable. This will make them stay, become their fans.

If you have a colorful brand and a great engagement since its creation, much better. Building trust, in this case, will be much simpler.

On the contrary, if this is not your case, do not despair. Most brands must fight with the rest of competitors to achieve consumer loyalty.

Good Branding Strategy

A good branding strategy will help you achieve it. Be active in social networks, keep your website and product portfolio updated (in the case of eCommerce).

And above all, be honest, transparent, kind, and consistent in your communications, whatever they are.

Running away from a problem or not dealing with criticism in the right way can be a big problem for the brand. We know it seems a bit tremendous, but it’s that simple and fast.

The effect of word of mouth, on the internet, is exponential. Only one opinion is enough for your fans to start losing credit to your speech.

In these cases, recovering transparency, security and lost trust should be paramount for the brand.

How to do it? Through rebranding. Updating the brand, granting new values ​​are some of the possible actions.

As you have seen, even the smallest company needs a differentiating element to generate sales and greater confidence in the market.

And of course, you have to do it thoroughly, monitor it, and control the changes that may arise from the strategy.

You should keep in mind that your brand is too valuable to be left in bad hands. So, we recommend that you consider receiving help or support from specialized professionals.

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