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How to Recover Deleted Files from Portable Hard Drive – Automated Solution

To recover deleted files from portable hard disk is necessary. The portable hard drive is the common storage device used in today’s era. They have large storage sizes with the compact form, and you can easily carry it around wherever you go. As it is a device, so it is obvious, generating issues like data loss even with a portable hard disk. Issues can be in the form of corruption, damage, formatted, deleted files from an external hard drive.

Yesterday, unfortunately, while transferring data, I pressed Shift+delete key, and my data is deleted permanently from my portable hard disk. I want to recover my photos, that is the only memory I have with me, and as a backup, I keep it. Please help me with this

While deleting files from external hard disk I had deleted my official documents. I need to restore that file. I don’t have a backup of that data. This is really urgent, suggest me a fast, efficient tool?

As the above question user is unable to recover deleted files from portable hard disk, and it is not easy to do manually. We need to use a tool. Without this, you won’t be able to get back your file. You have two option which we are going to discuss in this post.

There are two ways to recover deleted files from portable hard disk:

  1.  If you have another backup of your crucial file, then you can fix deleted files from the portable hard drive there.
  2. If not you need to choose Third-party because without them you can not recover deleted files.

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Causes Of Lost Files From Portable Hard Disk

Manufacturer Fault: The problem occurred mainly when manufacture had a delivery of the faulty disk. These could happen when the customer receives a hard drive without testing. In this case, the system gets to hang in the middle or fails to boot. This could be the cause of deleted files from external hard disk.

Human Errors: In the case of human error, accidental deletion of files is the most common cause which tends to data loss. If you will be aware of or pay attention to your work, you will never face this problem.

Virus Attack: This case generally arises when your system is unprotected with the anti-virus software. So before using any portable hard disk in your system, make sure your system is updated with anti-virus.

Corrupted File: Suddenly shut down the system without ejecting the hard disk from the system or may happen when suddenly shut down the system even when your program is running, may delete files from an external hard drive.

Recover Deleted Files from Portable Hard Disk

When we talk about storing or moving the bulk of files, a portable hard disk can be the best option. There are numerous user use to create a backup file or transferring large amount of data between various machines. A portable hard drive is credited with their features such as storing an ample number of files and folder like movies, images, videos, contact, email, etc.

Lost file on a portable hard disk can be a devastating and bad experience, because it keeps a backup copy of your files like images, videos, emails, etc. In the old-time, it is complicated or impossible to recover deleted files from portable hard disk. As technology gets advance, it is now easy to fix deleted files from the portable hard drive. If you are wondering about doing so, continue reading to find out the solution.

Fix Deleted Files From Portable Hard Disk Using Software

SysTools Portable Hard Drive Data Recovery Software is one of the best utility which recovers deleted files from portable hard disk. It does not fix deleted files from portable hard disk but also from corrupted, formatted, permanently deleted, etc. This software supports all type of file system, whether it is an NTFS or FAT. There is various feature in the software which is listed below.

Features Of Software to Restore Lost Files From Hard Disk

  • This tool having tendency to recover all type of files like: .pdf, .jpg, .ppt, .doc, etc.
  • Compatible to support the latest version of Windows.
  • There is no size limit to recover, and you can recover large amounts of data at a time.
  • Facility to show all your corrupted, formatted, deleted data after the scanning so that you have a choice to recover only the data you needed.
  • This restores lost from hard disk like images, songs, videos, games, emails, etc.

Method To Recover Files From Portable Hard Disk

  • Download the software.
  • Install the software and run.
  • You will find the software interface where your all disk or partition are shown.
recover deleted files
Recover Deleted Files
  • Select the partition you want to fix lost file.
Recover Deleted Files
Recover Deleted Files
  • Click on Scan button
Recover Deleted Files
Recover Deleted Files
  • Your all deleted files will be shown in the Red color.
  • Select the file and click on Save button.
Recover Deleted Files
Recover Deleted Files
  • Browse the desired location and press the OK button.
  • Your all deleted files from portable hard disk are saved in the location you mentioned. You can check from there. If you still feel trouble, you can contact the technical support through email, chat, call, etc.


  • Never eject your portable hard disk while performing any operation.
  • Always use anti-virus in your system to protect from malware attack.
  • Always make a backup before formatting the software.
  • Check after purchase that your disk is appropriately working condition or not.


However, the Portable hard disk is convenient or reliable in use, but there are chances to lose files. So, you are highly advised to make 2 copies to backup because once you lose your crucial data, then there is only one way to recover it that is using the software. In my respect, you should use SysTools Hard Drive Data recovery software to recover deleted files from portable hard disk. As this is best among others and has positive customer reviews in worldwide. Moreover, If you have any question regarding ant recovery, please ask as. We will be highly obliged to fix lost file from you.

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