Risks of riding a Segway and insurance tips

Segway personal transporters have been a fun and efficient way to move around offices, warehouses, shopping centers and neighborhoods since they were introduced in 2000. They have also become a staple of tourism in many areas where visitors want to explore large areas and Experience as many places as you can. But, like other motorized vehicles, driving them has some risks. Like auto insurance, Segway insurance can cover injuries and property damage. The Segway can also be protected from theft. Normally, the insurance is sold as an additional clause or endorsement to an automobile or recreational vehicle insurance policy. You can also buy an independent Segway insurance designed specifically to cover losses related to the Segway.

The joy of personal transportation

A Segway is a personal motorized two-wheeled vehicle consisting of a platform for the feet mounted on an axis and an upright pole topped by handles. The vehicle was initially thought of as a revolution in transportation, but sales never took off and the manufacturer sold it to a competitor in 2015. Segways can exceed 12 mph and are often used in areas with heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Do not underestimate the joy of driving these transporters. The Segway varies its balance smoothly according to the weight change of the pilot using gyroscopic and fluid leveling sensors. It provides a fun and easy way to get around.

Risks of the personal transporter

Segway personal transporters have extensively designed components and are complicated equipment, so it is important for owners to ensure that they follow the proper safety protocol when operating one. Drivers must always follow the safety and operating instructions recommended by the manufacturer and wear protective gear, especially a helmet, when driving a Segway.

Despite these efforts, injuries can still occur. However, the current statistics on injuries in the use of Segway are difficult to find because the Commission for the Safety of Consumer Products of EE. UU groups the personal transporters with motorized four-wheeled scooters and scooters.

Theft is another risk for personal transporters. Although the weight and size of a Segway can make it difficult to steal, the price of the device is a powerful incentive.

Because Segway insurance is still a relatively new concept, it is important to understand the types of coverage available. Owners and companies whose employees use personal transporters for their work tasks can purchase policies with civil liability, theft and damage to property, as well as comprehensive insurance protection that can absorb the costs of vandalism or weather damage. Some policies also offer medical payments insurance, which helps defray medical expenses.

Riding a Segway can be a pleasant experience. But it is important to have protection in case something happens. Contact a nearby insurance agent to get information about your coverage options.

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