Top CPC keywords and best Adsense niches 2020 [Updated]

Earning money online can be quite difficult, especially if you are looking to monetize your blog  solely through ads.

To be a successful Adsense publisher, you need a lot of traffic, but you also need that traffic to interact with the ads that are displayed on your site.

The  AdSense CPC paid to you will depend on the topics you write about.

In the world of blogs, you can write competing articles for clicks that will pay a few cents or be strategic and write content that will pay large amounts of money.

If you really want to make money online with Adsense and build a successful business, I suggest you target these industries and higher payment keywords.

I broke this post by:

  • The most paid Adsense keyword industries
  • Ad types that pay more
  • Exact long-tail keywords that have insane CPCs
  • 4 bonuses to earn even more money with Adsense

Here are the  10 best keywords of Adsense best paid for 2020 (by niche) :

  1. Safe $ 58 CPC
  2. Gas / Electricity $ 54 CPC
  3. Mortgage $ 47 CPC
  4. Lawyer $ 47 CPC
  5. Loans $ 44 CPC
  6. Lawyer $ 42 CPC
  7. Donates $ 42 CPC
  8. Conference call $ 42 CPC
  9. Grade $ 40 CPC
  10. Credit $ 38 CPC

Keep reading to find the exact keyword phrases you should target ↓

Why do these Adsense keywords pay so much?

Because the companies behind the ads have a high value to the customer and can afford to spend a few hundred dollars to acquire a customer. It all comes down to the economics of your business.

So how can you take advantage of this data and get thousands of dollars each month?

Let’s see a hypothetical example.

  1. Note that blogs related to insurance will have a high CPC.
  2. Then research some keywords and find that the “car insurance companies” pay quite well.
  3. You have the opportunity to write the best article you can about car insurance companies.
  4. With an amazing SEO on the page, you can get a high publication on your blog in Google rankings.
  5. You get a good amount of high-quality organic traffic to your site and then monetize more Adsense revenue.

Which Adsense ads pay the most?

In addition to choosing the best niche for Adsense, you also have options on what type of ad to display. The options are 1) text and visualization 2) matching content 3) in the feed and 4) in the article.

The ads in the article will naturally be combined with your content and will be shown midway through your blog post. I like these types of ads because they are contextual and generally receive a good number of clicks.

The ads in the sidebar are not as good as we are already able to disconnect them.

Professional tip: use automatic Google ads

Adsense automatic ads take advantage of machine learning and are automatically placed on your site where Google believes they will perform well.

Google has been testing the Auto Ads feature as a beta since September 2017 and recently (in early March) launched this feature for everyone.

Because Google has millions (if not billions) of sites to try, they are likely to be better than you or me in determining the right type and location of ads.

The only drawback of this is that you will not have much control over the number of ads that are displayed or where they are placed, which, if demanding, could bother you.

To set up automatic ads on your site, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your AdSense account.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click   My ads.
  3. Click on automatic ads.
  4. On the “Choose your global settings” page, use the controls to select the ad formats you would like to display.
  5. Leave the   Automatically select new formats option if you want AdSense to automatically add new ad formats to your global settings as they become available.
  6. Click   Save.
  7. On the “Place the code on your page” page, click   Copy code.
  8. Paste the ad code between the labels  <head> and the   </head>labels of each page on which you want to show automatic ads. If you are not sure how to do this, see the  Implementation Guide of the  Code of Google.

Bonus Keyword Industries / Niches

Here are other high-paying keywords that you can target in your blog posts.

  1. Treatment $ 37 CPC
  2. Software $ 35 CPC
  3. Classes $ 35 CPC
  4. Recovery $ 34 CPC
  5. Trading $ 33 CPC
  6. Rehabilitation $ 33 CPC
  7. Accommodation $ 31 CPC
  8. Transfer $ 29 CPC
  9. Umbilical cord blood $ 27 CPC
  10. Claim $ 25 CPC

Do not forget the bonuses at the end where I show you how to find the best Keywords.

Mesothelioma keywords ordered by CPC

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that covers the lungs, stomach, heart and other organs, and unfortunately can not be cured. However, treatment can help reduce pain. People who contracted mesothelioma did so in their work, so they see searches as “mesothelioma lawyers”, “mesothelioma law firms” and “mesothelioma compensation”.

This is a very competitive set of keywords, so, unless you can beat WebMD and MayoClinic, I suggest you look for other industries.

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)CompetitionResults
compensation mesothelioma1064.96568.670.91594,000
lawyer of mesotelioma houston3055.72545.840.74109,000
mesothelioma lawyer california1055.3390.080.86223,000
mesothelioma compensation11064326.850.84596,000
stages of pleural mesothelioma9071.76318.440.93148,000
Directory of mesothelioma lawyerstwenty63.42290.340.86212,000
mesothelioma lawsuits11061.8276.440.85139,000
Statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims9053.98274.070.8264,000
mesothelioma lawyers4058.43265.920.86537,000
mesothelioma settlement fund4059.3257.120.82262,000

* Competition of 1 means highly competitive.

Top payment keywords for the niche of lawyers

Being a lawyer should be kind. You have the opportunity to wear a suit (which I love) and you can also afford to spend exorbitant amounts of money for website traffic. It’s not bad at all.

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)CompetitionResults
Moreno Valley Car Accident Lawyer9052.02584.44one112,000
lauderdale ft car accident lawyer1048.18566.17one267,000
car accident lawyers in chicago9059.03542.95one2,280,000
car accident lawyer ny3053.89508.62one1,320,000
Car accident lawyer in Phoenixtwenty55.27504.5301,070,000
california motorcycle accident lawyer3047.51475.78one5,410,000
augusta car accident lawyer9044.3463.71one416,000
car accident lawyer in fort lauderdalefifty47.13462.97one1,110,000
personal injury lawyer ft lauderdale1043.06429.36one860,000
dallas truck accident lawyer9049.67426one721,000

Doctors keywords CPC Adsense

In this list you will find a mix of people looking for doctors and people looking for a PhD program.

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)Com.Results
Can you sue a doctor for a poor diagnosis?4070.83250.960697,000
PhD in security7074.61189.19one25,000,000
doctor after car accident4060.59136.95one29,200,000
doctors car insurance1066.17128.46one3,100,000
car accident doctor atlanta7043.8122.42one762,000
rehabilitation doctors21059.77118.49022,900,000
online business doctorate programs3073.19118.19one1,810,000
The best doctoral programs in education.3077.26114.31one11,000,000
The best online doctoral programs in business.1071.32112.46one995,000
Doctoral programs of online educational leadership.twenty81.12108.97one734,000

The best Adsense keywords of the lawyer

I thought the lawyers and lawyers were the same. I guess I was wrong.

Here are some other keywords related to lawyers:

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)CompetitionResults
personal injury lawyer corporal coral fl7044.08573.710.79302,000
Rancho Cucamonga Accident Lawyer9046.05548.48one71,000
lawyer of mesotelioma houston3055.72545.840.74109,000
san antonio truck accident lawyerfifty47.2432.950.85703,000
motorcycle accident lawyer orange county3052.34404.050.832,180,000
auto accident attorney colorado springs7051.94396.780.66280,000
accident lawyer Riverside Ca3043.12390.880,51331,000
mesothelioma lawyer california1055.3390.080.86223,000
phoenix accident lawyerstwenty54.24358.080.711,500,000
luisville accident lawyertwenty46.44345.620.63674,000

Bitcoin CPC Adsense KWs

I shot this because the cryptography space is very hot right now. These keywords are not the ones that pay more in my summary of articles, but I hope that your cost per click will increase in the coming years.

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)CompetitionResults
bitcoin merchant accounttwenty56.0264.320.87217,000
bitcoin commercial services3062.3533.240.87336,000
mining bitcoin cloud computing1066.0532.650.73604,000
buy bitcoin australia3052.3621.470.32783,000
buy shares with bitcoinfifty83.421.080.466,010,000
bitcoin mining software1065.7518.190.62936,000
mining bitcoin gpu7071.5918.190.36696,000
buy shares with bitcoin3081.9417.590.4864,000,000
bitcoin stock chart21073.8616.240.09
How to invest in bitcoin shares.fifty77.6416.160.711,060,000

Higher payment insurance Keywords related to Adsense

The insurance companies are sure to commit murder with the exorbitant premiums they charge us. Otherwise, how could you pay for all those TV ads and these crazy Adwords expenses? If you are in the space of insurance blogs, congratulations to you. You have chosen a winner

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)CompetitionResults
compare auto insurance7078.04469.12one5,720,000
auto insurance troy my1066.48420.290.841,080,000
car insurance comparison quote1077.7342.540.882,400,000
Cars with the cheapest insurance rates.4085316.470.893,200,000
the best apprentice driver insurance1067.65300.260.77830,000
young drivers insurance quotes1076.73299.630.946,490,000
interaseguro car clubtwenty84.42299.490.81783,000
auto insurance personal injuries1082298.540.952,210,000
car insurance conroe tx4069298.080.82443,000
auto insurance philadelphia pa17063.03293.140.481,330,000

And finally, how could I forget this?

Best Digital Marketing Keywords / SEO Adsense

If you are a regular reader of my website, you are most likely interested in everything related to online marketing / SEO, so this list is for you:

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)Competition
seo explanation1073.3108.420.42
bachelor of digital marketing florida3077.4100.480.96
Online digital marketing courses.1073.8892.38one
online digital marketing certificate programstwenty80.7487.560.91
review of the digital marketing coursetwenty67.7285.60.9
internet marketing classes online7074.3683.93one
online marketing courses1072.883.630.73
online marketing education3075.6580.560.91
email marketing wikipedia1079.376.140.71
digital marketing coursetwenty75.5672.71one
online digital marketing classes3073.7870.720.94
seo marketing company9057,5258.440.65
search engine optimization articlestwenty78.1358.320.54
seo companystwenty59.8954.770.87
types of SEO servicesfifty44.3453.130.86
seo technology11072.0949.290.75
search optimization companies1061.6148.650.83
seo specialists21074.345.350.61
search engine optimization marketing services1060.444.830.59
seo company3059.6343.010.74

Keywords to address if you are in the ‘software for fitness’ niche

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)Com.Results
fitness exhibition halls stamford ct1076.54138.60.322,000
ea fitness26068.984.160.03116,000,000
blueberry fitness bar3076.4172.410.89371,000
gym software1054.4967.10.814,240,000
fitness gym software4050.5463.030.5624,100,000
Fitness Rush3069.760.030.16420,000
online classes1064.8259.650.39381,000,000
group gymnastics classes rpac4084.7957.80.1
fitness management software1052.852.730.5617,100,000

Bonus # 1: point to these countries if you want to win 10 times more

Targeting the right countries can really boost your AdSense earnings. Here are the top 10 countries to aim for:

Do not.countryAvg. CPC ($)Max. CPC ($)Avg. CTR%Average RPM ($)
oneU.S0.40 – 2.3> 502-32.04
twoCanada0.50 – 2> 30two1.83
3UK0.10 – 1.6> 191-21.37
4Germany0.40 – 1> 111-32.62
5Thailand0.30 – 16two1.6
6United Arab Emirates (UAE)0.15 – 3.1eleven42.07
7Japan0.20 – 0.85432,44
8Switzerland0.20 – 1632.35
9Italy0.10 – 0.5031-30.73

If you look at this table, you will notice that most of the countries on this list are first world countries.

How do you target a particular country on your blog?

The easiest way is to blog in your native language. To get visitors from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia, your blog must be in English. Similarly, write in German if you are looking for people from Germany.

You can also change the orientation settings in the Search Console.

Bonus # 2: Unlock revenue even more by blocking low CPC ads

As a publisher, you have good control over what categories of ads you want to show on your site.

If you are trying to  increase the CPC, RPM or CPM of your Adsense ads  , I suggest you analyze the performance of your ad and start blocking the categories that do not pay well.

This is how you can do that.

  1. Go to Adsense and in the left column, click on  “Allow and block ads”
  2. Click on   “General Categories”
  3. Sort by  % of earnings  (ascending). Now you will see something like this.
  4. There you can see which ads are taking a good amount of impressions but generating relatively low profits. For example, in this example, the category “Hobbies Games & Leisure” is taking 4% of the impressions, but it only generates 0.7% of the income, so you can block it.

You can also experiment with blocking certain ad networks. I personally have not tried this, but some people say it works.

One caveat: do not block too many categories (or ad networks), otherwise it will significantly reduce bidding competition and start reducing your revenue.

Professional advice: Execute optimization experiments

You can always run an  Experiment   (found in Optimization> Experiments) and see if blocking your ads generates more revenue or not.

You can also test whether displaying 50% of your total ads compared to 100% of the ads produce more revenue.

Google Adsense experiments generally last 30 to 40 days, up to 100 days (depending on your experiment and traffic).

For example, I am running the experiment of blocking certain categories and, as you can see below, I have already started to see some good results (unfortunately, Adsense policies prevent me from sharing the exact numbers).


I hope you have found this list of high cost per click keywords useful.

I also hope you liked the strategy to find keywords from which your competitors get money. If you want additional tools to find keywords, go to my list of SEO tools.

Creating a high-revenue blog is a combination of choosing a solid niche, doing SEO on your articles and having fun while doing it.

If you liked this post, leave a comment and share this article with your friends.


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