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3 Methods for Choosing the Best New Hires

Finding the best hires for your business is crucial for the success of your company or your work team. Hiring managers must look at education, experience, references, and interview responses when considering which applicant is the best choice.

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Credit Checks

A pre-employment credit check is one way to find applicants with a high level of financial responsibility. This requirement is important for many different career paths. Banking, finance, and insurance positions would all benefit from employees with higher credit scores and no derogatory credit marks. Government agencies also require employees to have a credit check for employment in order to measure their expected level of fiscal responsibility.


How well an applicant will perform once hired and in the thick of their position is impossible to predict. However, assessments that simulate the working environment and main tasks are helpful for both the applicant and the hiring team. These provide the prospective employee with a clearer picture of what will be expected of them, while also showing hiring managers how adeptly the individual could perform the duties. You can also weed out anyone who may have padded their resume. Did an applicant list PivotTable as a skill? Give them an Excel assessment to prove it.


Before you start any interviews, consider creating an applicant scorecard. If you want to prioritize clear, concise speaking, you could include a scale of numbers that rates each individual’s oral communication skills. If you are looking for someone with grace under pressure, a series of situational questions could be followed by a rating of how well they would have responded in those scenarios. This method allows interviewers to remove bias and quantify the responses each interviewee provides.

With so many things to consider, having a clear set of tools and practices is a great way to narrow down your options.

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