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5 Approaches to Drug Addiction Recovery

The best and proven way to handle drug and substance addiction is to seek professional medical care and attention. It is through the medical services and treatments that you find the addiction recovery process beneficial. Finding the right addiction treatment center is a step towards achieving full recovery. This is because different treatment approaches are applied in these facilities aiming at making the patient better. Understanding the following approaches also helps in choosing the best addiction treatment center to enroll in.

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Medically Assisted Detoxification

Getting rid of the drugs, substances and other toxins in your body also means increasing the chances of recovering from addiction. Detoxification is the medical process used to get rid of drugs and other toxins causing your addiction to the body. This is an approach applied by every rehab and addiction treatment center. With medically assisted detoxification, you will also be taking the first step to full addiction recovery. The medical detoxification process also involves treatment and practices that reduce the withdrawal symptoms that can be life-threatening. Therefore, with proper medical detoxification, chances of achieving full addiction recovery are higher.

Rational Behavior Therapy

Rational Behavior Therapy is a drug addiction recovery approach that helps patients recognize their negative thoughts and find ways to handle and combat them. In most cases, the negative thoughts you hold for a long time can be a reason to engage in drug use. They can also be a reason for having a slow and hectic recovery process. Through Rational Behavior Therapy, the counselor or therapists help you find and know the negative thoughts and help you understand how they contribute to your current condition. You will work with the professional on the best ways to consider and utilize them to replace the negative thoughts with a positive mindset necessary for an effective recovery process.

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12-Step Facilitation Therapy

In treating alcohol and substance abuse, the 12-step facilitation therapy proves effective. This drug addiction recovery approach utilizes several elements in the treatment process to handle the patient’s addiction and other psychological needs. With this approach, there is the recognition of the negative consequences of addiction by the patient and work towards avoiding them. For the patient, 12- Step Facilitation Therapy helps recognize the emotional, social, physical, and spiritual consequences of drug and substance use. This approach proves beneficial when the patient accepts their current conditions, surrenders the power to resist help, and eventually considers the involvement and use of treatments and professional help.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

With cognitive behavioral therapy, treating different types of addiction is possible. There is no limit on the forms of addiction this approach can help treat. One can effectively get help and achieve full recovery, especially when using cognitive-behavioral therapy in accredited treatment centers. With CBT, you get to recognize the unhealthy habits and behavioral patterns and the triggers that make it hard to cope with an effective addiction treatment program. This approach makes it possible for you to work with the right professionals and develop social coping skills that allow you to concentrate on the treatment and rehab process. There is a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy with other therapeutic techniques for the patient to achieve self-realization.

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Treatment with Medication

Recovery is a process that aims at healing the body and the mind. While detoxification is vital for the body and behavioral therapy for the mind, medication still plays an instrumental role. There are specific medications that help fasten the process and help the patient find it bearable in the end. In addition, medication is important in improving the patient’s mood, reducing cravings, and helping reduce addictive habits that most patients struggle with. With effective medication, the patient can also avoid life-threatening withdrawal symptoms and enable a full recovery.

Addiction can be life-threatening when there are no mitigation measures and treatment. Through effective treatment from the rehab centers and medical facilities, the patient can achieve a full recovery. There are, however, different approaches to recovery that different treatment centers utilize, as stated above, that you should know.

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