How Artificial Intelligence is Carving the Niche of Digital Advertising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the complicated terms of the modern age, many sectors feel intimidated by the concept of using machines to make decisions. People feel uneasiness in relying on machines to take actions and consider Artificial Intelligence as a threat to mankind.

On the other hand, marketing and advertising industry is among those sectors who have utilized Artificial Intelligence technology in creating better business opportunities. In digital advertising using data to make a decision isn’t a new concept. The Digital Advertising industry has been familiar with Artificial Intelligence and has used the technology for creating better decisions to inspire innovation. Artificial intelligence has been a catalyst in the constant growth of digital advertising.

Artificial Intelligence Carving the Niche of Digital Advertising

Data Learning System

In digital advertising, the term AI is closely linked with machine learning, where the computer system improves its performance by data analysis without any human intrusion. In digital advertising the technology is often used to observe the consumer online behavior and then create a personalized advertisement for the customer. For example, if the consumer makes 10 impressions on an individual product then ads featuring the same and similar products will appear on his wall. This form of artificial intelligence is also termed as data learning system which has played a vital role in generating sales.

Natural Learning Process

Natural learning process (NLP) is a technique that involves the learning of human language by a machine. Due to variation in language and accents, it often gets difficult for machines to understand the human language. Natural learning process improves machine learning for better communication and interaction between humans and machines.

Currently, the NLP in artificial intelligence can be found in multiple devices such as Amazon – Alexa, Apple -Siri, Google – Assistant etc. have shown how technology can make our lives easier and hassle-free. In the present world our life revolves around AI, such devices have transformed into a part of our day to day life.  Advertising and marketing industry has used NLP to improve the customer buying behavior.


In the present-day majority of advertisers use chatbots as another form of artificial intelligence to make customer shopping experience smooth and memorable. A chatbot is an automated chat system specially designed to help the customer with all his queries. Chatbots are fed with commonly asked questionnaires and data based on the user’s online habit. In case the user asks anything out of their data then the chatbots forward the query to the advertiser. Currently, these chatbots operate in form of chat pop ups but in near future, we can expect chatbots to be designed with sensory techniques that show human-like features such as voice, touch capabilities that will imitate like a real person.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is the buzzword of present-day online advertising industry. The best example of augmented reality was previously seen in the Pokémon GO, an online mobile game that became a leading trend in the gaming sector. In present day many marketers use the technology for advertising purpose because they give real-life experience to the consumer. Augmented reality ads are immersive, it gives the user a realistic product experience without the physical presence of the product. Augmented ads have been a trendsetter in the e-commerce industry where the advertisers have used it to beat the offline retail market. Earlier there used to be a conflict between online vs offline market. Users felt more secured and trusted offline stores as they can feel and see the product which was not possible in online shopping.  It seemed like a risky job to invest money in an online product, but AR has totally changed the way consumer shopping behavior.

Ever since the involvement of artificial intelligence marketers and advertisers have been using it for monetary benefits. The present-day advertising methods are laced with latest AI innovations that not only allure consumers into taking actions but have also changed their perception of online purchase. The modern-day advertisers have transformed AI into a part of our day to day browsing experience that helps them to cater us the desired and most relevant product rather than catering anything irrelevant. Seeing this we can assure that the AI is the future of digital advertising industry and with its help, the digital industry will surely boom in coming years.

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