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Benefits of Using Quora for Bloggers

Quora is a Question Answer website, on which commununity people can put their questions in front of people, find their answers and publish their answers for answers to others’ questions. Today, in this article we will learn how bloggers can use Quora to benefit their blog or website.

In Quora’s own words, “Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge, to ask this question and to connect with those people who contribute to the answers of unique insights and quality. It empowers people to learn from each other and to understand the world better. “

Quora has become a very popular platform throughout the world in the past few years. In the screenshot below, you can visit Quora’s website’s Global rank. The rank of US and the rank of India can be checked, which is a lot more. This makes Quora’s popularity clear.

Quora is ranked at the top positions on Google in many keywords. Most of Quora’s traffic comes from Google and other search engines. That is, most of its traffic is organic.

You can see that only in India and Pakistan, Quora has the ability to acquire 41 Million visitors daily from Google. You can also see the number of its backlinks, which is a major reason for its high search engine rankings.

So it was then, the Quora Traffic and Popularity Insights Now let us know if you are a blogger or webmaster, how can you use Quora for your own benefit.

By using Quora as a Blogger, how can you stay in benefits?

A very cool content promotion platform has emerged for Quora bloggers. Many questions on Quora everyday people ask. You just have to answer them by choosing the questions. By doing so, you can improve the ranking of your site. The hearing seems to be very easy to work.

Actually this work is easy too, but you have to answer which questions, how to answer and what things to keep in mind. All these things matter only whether you as a blogger can take advantage of it or not. We know these things live soon, but first I clarify its benefits.

As will you know that any divide us two parts of the site of Process SEO, Namely, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Quora can basically help you as Off-Page SEO of your site. You can get two types of benefits from more Quora in Off-Page SEO.


Backlinks-building Off-Page is the largest part of SEO. When you answer a question on Quora, you can link to any related, relevant and useful post in it. But remember, link only if it has any usefulness in the overall answer. Do not spamming in extravagant It will not be of any use. By giving such helpful articles links in Quora’s answers, you are basically getting a backlink from Quora for your website or blog, which has a very high value.

The bigger website, Backlink, which has a lot of Domain Authority, meets its importance and value. According to MOZ, its domain authority is 89, which is very much. In such a way, if you get a backlink from different pages in Quora, then it will also improve the ranking of your site or blog.

Referral Traffic

This is another great benefit of using Quora. So, as you know, Quora has a very high traffic website, the ability to send a referral traffic to another website or blog is as much as that. As

I mentioned above that you can include hyperlinks of useful, related and releavnt articles from your site or blog. When your answer on a popular question will be at top in Quora and your link will be in the middle, many people will be redirected to that blog by clicking on that link, redirecting to your blog or website. In this way you will be able to get a lot of traffic from Quora on your blog or website. Now you know the direct benefits of more traffic.

Branding and Identity

To ask and answer questions on Quora, you have to create your account on it. Now, your identity comes from your name, your photo, and your area of ​​interest or qualificatin. Whenever you post a question or answer it, then your identity is mentioned in it.

The user’s screenshot above is not very popular on Quora right now. But if you answer a lot of questions and your answers have lots of views then your overall popularity and uniqueness increases. So if you have a blog or website or a brand and you can establish your own identity on Quora as your brand and in this way you can create your own authority.

Some key tips for using Quora

In the end, I would like to share some useful tips with you which can prove to be beneficial for you in terms of Quora.

  • Give answers to realted questions that are related to the niche of your site / blog, please give priority. For example, if your blog is about Digital Marketing, answer those questions related to the digital marketing quora questions, and provide them with links to related and relavant articles from your site in those answers.
  • Prioritize giving answers to questions which have no answer or fewer answers.
  • Create or answer questions that may be viral in the future.
  • Do not add spare links or spammy irrelevant links at Answers anytime.
  • Your answer should be useful according to the question.
  • Use Images in Answers.

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