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Earn Money from Adcash Advertising Network

Adcash is an international real-time advertising trading platform and is another most popular alternative of Google Adsense that delivers high-performing solutions to online publishers and brand advertisers from all around the world. Today, Adcash is one of the foremost advertising networks in the industry. Adcash provided his service in all world and requirement of this ad network are less as compared to other ad network like Google Adsense.

Adcash Advertising network  Available in over 240 Countries. They provide Admin Panel in 8 Different Languages so their publishers can use it in their Country Language and earn a decent amount of income. They offer both CPA and CPM to their publishers that gives them the best opportunity to monetize websites perfectly.

Adcash online network got popularity very quickly and most of Ad of this network are based on online game development firms.

Most clients of this ad network come from such a development countries which are United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Estonia, Mexico, China and India.

Earn Money from Adcash Advertising Network

The advantage of this ad network is that they provided target ad for his both publisher and advertiser through its online platform. Adcash provide high-quality ads from leading brands and exclusive pricing models designed to effectively monetize their online content and increase revenue. They offer extensive audience engagement through their cutting-edge advertising technology to have maximum impact and drive converting traffic.

How it Operates? They operate with a very dynamic technology which helps both publishers and advertisers, in getting the best results. They automatically choose the best high paying campaigns to show on websites and also, they show quite relevant advertisements. But then, I must tell you, they favor Entertainment and gaming sites, but this doesn’t you can not use on any other site, I just wanna say, they offer high paying rates to Entertainment and gaming sites.

Ad Formats to Earn Money from Adcash

1. Banner Ads

Skyscraper: The Skyscraper is one of the standard display web banner formats. It usually appears on the side, between content and the edge of the page. It’s available for both desktop and mobile-web.

Ad size: 160×600

Rectangle: The Adcash Rectangle ad format is a desktop and mobile-web compatible standard display unit. It can appear virtually anywhere on the page, making it highly versatile. For maximum impact, we recommend this type of ad is placed above the fold.

Ad sizes: 336×280, 300×250, 250×250

Leaderboard: The Adcash Leaderboard is one of top-performing standard web banner formats. The recommended placement for the Leaderboard ad format is at the top of the page, before the main content. This format is available for both desktop and mobile-web.

Ad sizes: 728×90, 468×60

2. Interstitial

Adcash Interstitial ad format delivers high engagement rates for advertisers and great revenue potential for publishers. If you’re worried about “banner-blindness”, interstitials are a great way of avoiding it as this format is displayed between web pages.

For advertisers, interstitial ads are a particularly cost effective ad format, delivering fantastic exposure for minimal investment. This format is also compatible for App installs.

3. Native Ads

Native ads are an incredibly effective way to promote products and content. This type of ad blends seamlessly with the surrounding content, in fact, it doesn’t look like a paid ad at all! This format is good for building audience engagement and visibility for advertisers, but also publishers.

Ads ratios: 1:1, 4:3, 6:5, 3:2, 1.91:1, minimum size: 600×500

4. Popup Ads

The Adcash pop-under appears behind the main browser window, displaying either a full page creative or full website. By appearing behind the main page or tab, this ad format is more likely to reach the user as it is not disruptive.

The Adcash pop-under offers massive potential for advertisers looking to drive awareness and publishers who want to maximize their earning potential. This format is completely mobile-friendly.

Ad sizes: 160×600, 120×600

Payment Options

Receive your payments on time and have complete overview of your invoice history. When you request your payment, Adcash will have up to 30 working days to validate your request and proceed with the payment via Bank transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill and Webmoney. You only need 25 USD/EUR in your account to start requesting a payout.

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