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Expand the Wi-Fi Signals using Wi-Fi Range extender

Get rid of dead Wi-Fi zones with the extender settings now. That irritating spot in your home or office where you cannot access Wi-Fi is the dead zone. Even the most efficient and quickest router will miss some places with metal artifacts,…

How to Get Social Media Likes for Quick Promotion

Most of social media lover want to become prominent among their fans but they have a few likes or views on their posts. Here we are going tell you how you can get many likes on your posts either these are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or…

How to Fix Copy Paste Not Working Issue in Windows 10

Given that the copy and paste function in Windows 10 is one of the most useful and basic features, it is nearly impossible to get past not required to use it at all. It is something that has been easing the weight off shoulders since the…