Road Safety Rules Everyone Should Know

Whether you’re a new driver or a well-seasoned one, it’s vital to remind yourself of some simple rules that improve road safety not just for you but also for everyone you’re sharing the streets with.

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Watch the Weather

Make sure you know what hazards might be present before you start your drive. When considering road safety Cranberry Township PA, for example, remember that even without snow, overnight temperatures mean black ice is possible almost any winter morning. You probably know that you should never drive into standing water and that it’s a good idea to pull over during especially heavy rainfall, but were you aware that the first few minutes of even light rainfall are dangerous because oil and grease on the road get stirred up before being washed away? And winter or summer, don’t forget to keep sunglasses nearby to guard against glare.

Take Note of Traffic

Always be aware of other vehicles. Check your mirrors and blind spots regularly, and remember that electric cars are much quieter than conventional ones. Avoid unnecessary lane changes, and consider routes that will reduce left turns (depending on how you measure, somewhere around half of car accidents happen at intersections). Perhaps most importantly, leave plenty of following room between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Tailgating won’t get you there any faster, but it will raise your risk of a wreck.

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Don’t Drive Distracted

Texting is the most obvious culprit here, but even a verbal conversation using a hands-free set-up isn’t entirely safe. Remind yourself frequently that your most important job is to focus on the road. Set your devices to automatically engage do-not-disturb-while-driving mode, and make (and stick to!) whatever personal rules you need for your situation, whether it’s “no calls while driving” or “devices go in the trunk at the start of the drive.”

A road accident can be devasting, but a little thought and preparation will greatly reduce your risk.

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