10 Critical aspects in video production

The best equipment for a video depends on what you plan to do with the video. If you are going to be doing any commercial or documentary work, you must have good quality equipment. So here are 10 things every video producer needs if they want their videos to look professional.

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You can use tripods to hold anything from a small camera up to an old-school motion picture film camera. A tripod is always needed when shooting videos where the camera will be stationary and not moving around. Tripods come in many different sizes, weights, heights, and price ranges. Most tripods are made out of aluminum alloy, making them strong but lightweight enough to be moved around easily during the video production process. However, there are also tripods made out of carbon fiber that make them lighter and strong.

Further, when shooting videos that will be playing on flat screens such as TVs, computer monitors, or smartphones, having a fluid head tripod will help ensure no viewer fatigue and people don’t get seasick watching your video. Fluid head tripods allow for panning and tilting with super smooth motions so that you can do long tracking shots without ruining the video quality.


Most video producers use white color because it bounces backlight well and absorbs a lot of light. Therefore, if you are using lights for your set, white will help reflect the light onto your subject, making it easier for you to control what’s illuminated in the shot. The only bad part about using so much white is that if too much gets into your camera lens, it can wreak havoc on getting good exposure.

Type of Lighting

Lighting is super important in every type of photography or videography because things look flat and not interesting without lighting. There are many different kinds of lights, such as LED, Fluorescent, and incandescent, to name a few. Lighting helps set the mood in your video. For instance, if you need something to look sad, make it look like it’s under some dramatic yellow lighting and if you want some action going on, then use blue lighting like in most sci-fi movies.

High-quality camera

Regardless of the kind of video camera you use for your videos, having good lenses will help immensely. Camera sensor size can only go so far when trying to increase image quality; sooner or later. All that extra detail has to come from somewhere else, which would be the lenses. A great lens can have almost 3-4x more impact on image quality than the camera sensor itself.


Audio is super important because no matter how amazing your cinematography and, videography work can be. If the audio is poor, then nobody will want to watch it. That means you need a good shotgun mic or at least an external audio recorder so that you can sync your audio from that with your video in post-production when editing.

Lighting setups

Lighting setups are unique for every scene, but one thing that is always true when doing them is you have a place to hang all of your lights. It’s also important to know about an aspect called “3 point lighting,” which helps add depth and dimension to a shot by splitting up lights into three different positions: Key Light, Fill Light, and Back Light. In this case, one light should be pointed directly at the subject to illuminate them and help separate them from the background, and another should be placed opposite of the key light to fill in all those dark shadows; and finally. A backlight can be used to make your subject pop out of the background by adding a bright rim behind them, making it easier for your audience to see what you are trying to show.


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