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4 Ways To Make Prom Unforgettable

High school prom night is one of those nights that you will remember forever. Taking time to plan out the night in advance can make for a wonderful memory that both you and your date treasure forever! Here are a few details to consider as you prepare:

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1) Coordinate Your Look

Perhaps one of the most fun pieces of prom is coordinating your look with that of your date. Start with the color of your date’s dress, and move on from there. Is her dress pink? Then consider a pink bow tie with a matching boutonniere. You don’t need to make your tuxedo out of duct tape to win here, just have a little fun with accents so that you and your date match well.

2) Travel in Style

It’s somewhat of a tradition to pull up to prom in an unforgettable vehicle. Many people borrow older cars from their relatives to bring their date along to the prom in style. Other high schoolers might go together and grab a big party bus piling in with a large group to have fun on the way to and from the room venue. You could also rent an SUV limo Atlanta GA or surprise her with a horse-drawn carriage!

3) Remember Her Favorites

Now is the time to call to mind all of the little details that you know about your prom date. Bring a bouquet of her favorite flowers, take her to her favorite restaurant, request her favorite song to the DJ. The little details matter and are sure to make your night an unforgettable one!

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4) Plan a Fun After Party

Get together with friends to do something fun afterward. Go bowling at the local bowling alley at midnight; make a bonfire out at the lake. These memories are ones that you will treasure forever and are always best lived in a community with others!

Your prom is something that you will only experience once in a lifetime. Remembering all of the details can seem overwhelming, but will be worth it in the end.

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