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5 Mistakes You should be Avoided After Exercise

There are a lot of mistakes that should be avoided after exercise, especially when we discover the negative effects on our body, and its impact on our lack of access to our main goal of the exercise and the loss of weight and maintain the balance of fitness.

ZulWeb highlight the 5 most important mistakes that must be avoided after exercise to warn you so as not to waste the effort and help you to benefit from exercise to the maximum extent.

5 Mistakes You should be Avoided After Exercise

Do not Eat fatty meals after exercise:

These foods, including fast food and fried foods, increase your body fat, raise cholesterol levels and reduce glycogen production needed by muscles and liver, so you will not achieve your goal of sport and will increase your weight.

Do not sleep long enough:

Sleeping for hours after exercise improves the chances of weight loss, and maintains the normal level of cortisol, known as stress hormone or sleep hormone, the primary responsible for metabolism. Sleep also increases the production of Leptin, which controls your appetite.

Not drinking enough water after exercise:

It is necessary to drink a lot of water after exercise to prevent dryness of the body and maintain the balance of fluids in the body, and drinking water after sport helps to restore water and sodium lost during the exercise and regulate the temperature of the body. In contrast, the lack of enough water after exercise leads to cramps in the muscles and palpitations and the feeling of palpitations in the heart.

Excessive exercise:

Excessive and excessive exertion of large muscle and severe muscle damage because the body is required to perform tasks greater than estimated, and doing extra exercises over your capacity to damage your body as well as not give him the opportunity needed for healing and construction. Therefore, exercise must be balanced and without exaggeration.

Discard relaxation and stretching exercises after exercise:

Do not complete the exercise without stretching exercises after the completion of exercise to avoid the emergence of pain in the muscles, and calm all major muscles after exercise and improve the health of joints and reduce stress.

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