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The trick to make your muscles grow faster: focus!

Going to the gym and having your muscles grow is never an easy way. Training, diet, rest, genetics … there are many factors that influence but … have you ever considered concentrating to the maximum in each repetition and feel the muscle ? It seems a minor issue, but it is not. It is about focusing and, according to several studies, it is a very effective way to grow muscularly faster.

The idea started in 2009 when a group of researchers from the USA They selected several people who had never set foot in a gym and put electrodes to measure their muscle activity during training. After several tests, they concluded that those who concentrated the movements in the muscle in question, grew 20 percent more.

Do not do more series, or carry more weight, or take protein shakes , the key was to focus, look inside your body. For example, if you are performing squats, it is about tightening the buttocks, and not climbing up. And with the biceps the same, feel how they contract and control the movement.

Other scientists, this time from the University of Michigan, proved in a group of women how their body reacted by lying face down and alternately climbing one leg and another back. Those who squeezed their glutes instead of the hamstrings doubled their muscle activity with exercise.

Another work, this time published in the European Journal of Sport Science, brought together a group of men to train three times a week for two months. All did the same, barbell biceps and quadriceps extension, but with one difference: some performed the slowest movements , concentrating on feeling each muscle, and others limited themselves to raising and lowering the weight. The result? The former increased the size of the muscles worked by 12 percent, and the latter only increased by 7.

At lighter weights, less injuries

Also, lifting less weight does not mean less muscle gain . Feeling that you can injure yourself by lifting too many kilos negatively influences your hypertrophy , since your attention is diverted.

Correct technique, concentration and feeling muscularly. Three basic pillars of which Robert Fiore and George Butler spoke in his book Pumping Iron (1974), a manual on classic bodybuilding, which in 1977 became a documentary, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the protagonist. “The best athletes are those who maintain their concentration above all else, I remember Ed Corney training biceps with dumbbells on a bench in a gym in Baghdad, around him there were almost 100 people and a lot of noise, but he did not even flinch, just He was staring at how his biceps contracted and relaxed, he seemed to control every fiber … ”

How to focus the work of your muscles

It uses relatively light weights and a moderate range of repetitions. Never neglect the technique and increase the kilos progressively, without hurry. Precipitate or lift more than the account can not only hurt you, but also negatively influences your concentration. Focus and your muscles will grow quickly.

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