4 Tips For Dealing With Regular Foot Pain

Of all the limbs, feet are most frequently used. Bearing our weight, they help us keep mobile. In midst of carrying out this important task, they too can fall victim to the pesky aches that are grounded in many factors.

While every bit of the body is important, as feet carry out the vital task of movement, feet aches are especially bad; your independence and entire life are severely impeded. People who suffer from regular foot pain not only thus have to bear with the aches but are gravely inconvenienced as well.

Hence, it is vital to visit the top orthopedic surgeon in Karachi in such instances to have the pain sorted. However, some tips and tricks can help too –but are not a substitute for an expert opinion.

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Before delving into the remedies, it is important to identify possible factors behind the pesky aches.

Why are your feet hurting?

In order to find a reprieve from the intense pain, it is first important to ascertain the source of the pain. Most of the time, remedying it can lead to pain relief.

There are many factors that can cause foot aches. Many times, your lifestyle choices have a big role to play in your foot arches.

We might care more for the pretty sandals and disregard the comfort that the shoe has to offer, but that’s a big mistake. Sometimes, women do not make the choice to dress up in long heels of their own accord; their jobs very much dictate their footwear choice, no matter how much they might detest it.

Similarly, wearing extremely flat shoes also causes discomfort, especially in the back. Shoes that are too tight or that chaff also lead to much pain.

Some people have to be on their feet all the time, due to their duty or job, and this too can stress out their feet. Other times, a foot injury, especially due to some sports activity like running that takes a toll on the feet.

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The aches are not just because of the footwear but may also be due to some medical condition. People suffering from arthritis, a condition marked by a loss in bone mass, are prone to aches in their feet.

Moreover, a very common condition, diabetes is also responsible for this state. Diabetes leads to nerve damage that can cause this aches in the feet. Similarly, it also contributes to arterial damage and the development of foot ulcers that end up hurting your feet.

Other medical conditions like bunions, ingrowth of the toenails, athlete’s foot, plantar fasciitis, etc. can also be possible culprits.

Certain people have a higher risk of developing aching feet, like obesity, as it exerts a lot of weight on the feet. Also, pregnancy also similarly imposes on the person.

The good news is, the following tips help!

1. Bathe your feet

Nothing soothes the aches like a hot bath. It helps to ease the soreness of the muscles and is super relaxing as well. This is true especially if big heels are the behind the aches.

It is also helpful to add Epsom salts to the hot bath. The salts will further alleviate the soreness. They are also useful in reducing swelling if any.

This easy to do remedy involves simply adding around a cup of Epsom salt to the bathwater, and soaking feet in it for around 20 minutes.

2. Stretching your feet

Stretching is a balm for your muscles. It helps ease the pain and also prevents future episodes when done regularly. For people whose foot aches are happening because of exercise or sport, stretching prior to physical activity is imperative.

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These stretches are also very easy to do. The passive stretch involves getting hold of the foot and bending it slightly at the ankle. Then, gently rock the foot up and down, holding for 30 seconds in between.

Another passive stretch is for the toes; take the big toe and stretch it. You should feel the impact at the bottom of your foot. Hold for 20 seconds and release.

3. Massage

Massages are great for muscular pain relief. These help to get rid of the tension in the feet that is causing the pain. It also improves the blood supply to the feet so facilitates the healing process as well.

Use a lubricant like oil or lotion to gently massage your feet. For a deeper massage, use the knuckles of your hand to mimic the kneading motion to get the tension out.

You can also get foot rollers for the massage as well.

4. Pain killer medication

Topical pain killers are available and applying them is useful for pain relief. Also, as they are topical, they do not involve risks imposed otherwise by oral medication.

Analgesics like Tylenol are also good for pain relief. But if overindulged, these can lead to liver problems. Similarly, NSAIDS are also useful painkillers. However, while some are OTC, they too can lead to problems like gastritis if abused.

So, do not take them without the recommendation of the top orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad as abusing medicines can pose other complications as well.


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