5 Tips for care of thinning hair and hair loss

Most girls suffer from the problem of hair loss and cause them great discomfort, especially when you lay off daily and see the hair follicles weak and falling strongly and heavily in the hands.

Making her anxious and afraid of her hair from baldness as a result of this heavy and continuous fall. There are several factors and causes may lead to hair loss such as not to take care of him and not to follow a healthy diet and healthy while ignoring some elements and nutrients that provide the scalp with proper nutrition and thus help to strengthen the hair follicles and prevent the weakness and fall and bombardment.

So today we are keen to offer you several tips for treating thinning hair and hair loss.

1. Proper nutrition with exercise

The most important tips that you can follow regularly and properly are the attention to health and useful nutrition that helps to strengthen your hair and prevent the fall of the most important vegetables and fruits. Contains a large proportion of vitamins, proteins and a lot of minerals and the main elements of the most important tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, oranges and lemon. As well as seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids that keep hair follicles from falling. It is necessary to exercise constantly because it eliminates the feeling of anxiety and tension that often causes the fall and bombardment and weakness of hair.

2. Rely on chaotic layoffs

One of the important tips for you, who face the problem of falling hair and hairstyles are chaotic hairstyles, which do not rely on hair pulling and pulling his hairs greatly causing scalp infections that lead to weak hair follicles and therefore begins to fall thickly and Gazer. Try to rely on haphazard and chaotic hairstyles such as loose cake and torso. This reduces the use of chemicals that pigment and individual hair and care to develop moisturizers and natural recipes that help to nourish hair follicles and prevent bombardment and reduce the weakness and damage.

3. Do not expose your hair and it is wet

One of the factors leading to hair loss and make it more vulnerable to the bombing and weakness is the dismissal and clapping of hair is wet, but you have to wait until your hair is dry or moisturizing a little and then start to lay off and rely on the use of comb in the hair and not the brush to prevent the bombing and damage. Then leave your hair after a long drop and do not tie it wet because it may help to pull and pull the hair follicle. You have to stay away from using a hair dryer or hair iron as it completely eliminates hair. But you can use some natural labels and recipes that contribute to individual curly hair and get rid of roughness.

4. Do not expose your hair to the sun

Try as much as possible, Madam, to get rid of your hair exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays that cause inflammation of your hair follicles and make the scalp excrete superoxide compounds. Which cause hair loss and damage. Before going down in the morning, use a warm oil bath that helps the blood flow to the scalp while activating blood circulation that helps strengthen hair follicles. Heat a small amount of olive oil, bitter almond oil, coconut oil or any other type of vegetable natural oil after that. Put your hair in this warm oil, cover your hair with a wet towel and leave it for an hour. Wash your hair well and use a good shampoo for your hair.

5. Use the garlicĀ recipe

If you suffer from the problem of hair loss and weakness you should use this recipe, which addresses the problem and is one of the important tips to reduce hair loss profusely because garlic has the benefits of miraculous in re-growth of hair again and enhance its density. Combine two garlic cloves with 2 tablespoons of castor oil and apply the mixture to your hair with a good massage and leave half an hour on your hair and shoulders. Preferably apply this recipe once a week to avoid hair loss.


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