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The 12 simple tricks to look more handsome

A while ago, if a man spent too much time in the bathroom, he was faced with a level of contempt and suspicion that is only comparable to the politicians who try to become modern saying they listen to indie music.

Fortunately times have changed and it is not even strange to feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of advice, opinions and small cream cans of exorbitant price that cohabit in the market.

We are going to give you a first free advice, without counting between 12: you do not have to spend a lot of money on different products. You just need to create a daily routine that is quick, simple and, above all, that gives results. If all these aspects are given, caring for you is much less tedious and you can put into practice these twelve habits of masculine beauty.

1. Become friends with your hairdresser

You do not have to be intimate, but you should maintain a fluid relationship with the professional and go see him every (more or less) four weeks. A good trick is to book the next appointment just before leaving by the door of the hairdresser and so you do not have to go after the rush. If you have already noticed that your hair needs a good cut , surely the rest of the people around you too.

2. Recognize how your hair is

Do not name it if you do not want to but it is essential that at this point in the film you know what type of hair you have and what are the products that best act on it. The wax is ideal to tame thicker hairs, for fine hair it will be better to use lacquer to give it shape and volume. If you have curly hair, try foam or textured sprays. For short hair, we can use a little gel to leave it messy. If you have any questions, ask your barber friend without embarrassment .

3. Choose your perfume (seasonal)

It is one of the most important decisions in life but when you find it, you know what it is. No, we are not talking about the car of your dreams or the football team to which you will promise eternal love. We talk about the smell that will accompany you the rest of the days. Take advantage of your visit to the airport or the purchase of Christmas gifts to try no more than five perfumes, to be able to be of different olfactory ranges. Normally the aromas of wood, leather or tobacco will seduce you in autumn and winterand the marine essences and citrus will make you feel better in summer. Having two jars of cologne in the bag does not count as infidelity.

4. Move to the electric toothbrush

There are two things in which a woman is fixed: your shoes and your smile. When it comes to the latter, there is no longer an excuse to ignore the advances in technology. The electric toothbrushes are designed to do most of the work for us and, in addition, are better for oral health: according to a study by the University of Sheiffield, rotary brushes reduce 11% more of the plate than the manual , which helps maintain healthy gums. And do not forget the mouthwash, a basic morning.

5. Cut out and be happy

Cutting the pubis is not only perfectly acceptable in 2017, it is a matter of education. And no, we’re not talking about shaving like a porn star – in the event we’ve ever seen that – you just have to keep the parts clean and neat. Do not use the same razor that you use for the face! There are a lot of body trimmers in the market, for something will be, right?

6. Clean your face in depth

Take off the fear of exfoliating, think that it takes the same time to wash your face with water than with water and exfoliating and the result has nothing to do with it. It particularly affects the nose, the most exposed part of the face and the one that more fat tends to accumulate. You can combine it, do it one day yes, one day no, but that the dead skins do not take over your face.

7. Beard yes, but with control

Many of us have left their beards growing with the clear intention of not shaving, but that’s no excuse not to take it carefully . Domestica your facial hair with a good beard cutter and an oil that hydrate. For master level, combs and waxes.

8. Shave yes, but carefully

It’s possible that your mornings get complicated and you can not have an extensive shaving routine, but learning the basics of good shaving is important. Prepare your skin in advance with an oil that helps the blade to slide smoothly and uses warm water so that your pores are open, which will not damage them. It ends with a hydrating after-shave (to be able to be without smell) so that the dermis calms down and you can face the day without morning irritations. Take advantage of your monthly visits to the hairdresser to get a professional shave: your skin will thank you.

9. Why do we always forget our feet?

With everything they do for us and how little we take care of them. It is not a topic that is usually talked about but a good routine of foot care is basic. Take advantage of the moment after the shower (when the skin is softer) to use the pumice stone and remove any type of dead skin and then apply moisturizer. Important all year, but especially in summer, which are then real massacres on the flip flops.

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