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Why a CCW Vest is the Best Option for Concealed Carry

Discreetly carrying a handgun involves more than finding a good-looking firearm, holster, and belt. It also means having clothing that can hide the bulge without printing or limiting the range of motion.

Safari vests are popular with photographers and adventurers, are long enough to hide holsters, thick enough to conceal bulk, and have lots of pockets for ammunition or a smaller holdout weapon. But they can get uncomfortable when it’s hot out.

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A good CCW vest looks like everyday clothing, and that’s important if you want to carry concealed without making others aware of your firearm. Many different styles of vests can be worn to the office, out for a day hike or camping, and at other places where you might need a gun but want to avoid drawing attention.

The fabric a vest is made from can also influence how easily it conceals a handgun. The best concealed carry vests are lightweight, allowing you to wear them in varying weather conditions, including those cold enough for snow and wind. Some offer ambidextrous pockets so you can choose the right side to wear your weapon depending on your dominant hand or if you carry cross-draw.


There are many ways to conceal carry a handgun, each with its benefits and drawbacks. The ideal carry method for you will depend on how often you want to use your gun, how comfortable you are with it, and whether you need it to be accessible quickly in self-defense.

Waistband holsters are one of the most popular concealed-carry options. They keep the weapon close to your body and are easily hidden under a shirt or jacket. However, this method can expose the holster and gun when you move your arms or bend down.

Another common way to carry a concealed firearm is in an appendix holster secured over your belt. It is one of the fastest hold positions, as you can reach for your gun without turning around or raising your torso.


If you’re a gun owner who wears your weapon inside the waistband (IWB), you know it can be challenging to access your handgun quickly when needed for self-defense. It is especially true if you’re wearing a heavy winter coat over the top of your shirt.

A CCW vest, on the other hand, can provide easy-access storage without compromising quick draw and concealment. It makes it an excellent option for cold weather or situations requiring more mobility than a jacket offers.

The best concealed carry vests offer plenty of pocket space, avoid printing, allow for a full range of motion, repel water and wind, and look like everyday clothing. They should also feel comfortable and not be so cumbersome that you’ll wear them only when needed.


One of the best parts of this concealed carry vest is how comfortable it feels. It’s made from a soft, water-resistant fabric that keeps you warm while wicking away moisture. This lightweight CCW vest is perfect for walking the dog, jogging, or shopping.

Another great concealed carry option is this durable vest that looks like typical work clothing but is equipped with a CCW pocket on each side for convenient access to self-defense firearms. It also has room for other EDC gear, such as a knife, multitool, and flashlight.

Unlike shoulder holsters which can be uncomfortable and cause your gun to print when you bend or stoop, this ambidextrous leather vest has large pockets on both sides that sit right where your hands naturally fall, so they are easy to reach.

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The CCW Vest looks like typical work wear but conceals two CCW compartments ingeniously tucked behind breakaway cargo pockets. It allows quick access and uninhibited firearm deployment, even wearing thick winter layers.

The vest is built to last with the durability of washed, rugged, broken-in canvas and quilted lining. Extensive bar tacking and quad-stitched major seams make this a tough garment.

It can be easily packed into its hand pocket and then worn over a long-sleeve shirt in warm weather or underneath a heavier jacket in cold weather. It conceals well and features hand zipper pockets that allow a fast draw in self-defense situations. There’s also room for a pistol, OC spray, and other personal items needed for self-defense.

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