How to Charge Your iPhone in Just Five Minutes

Many users of smart phones, especially iPhone, suffer from the problem of slow shipping, and sometimes unable to wait long because of many of the obligations and concerns we are exposed to in our daily lives. So we’ll give you some steps to get you to a great 5 minute shipping result, so feel free to stick to it.

First, place your phone on the flight position before you charge it, so the energy that the alerts, calls, messages, etc. will pull down. Then remove the back cell cover to cool the battery, it is slowly charging with high heat.

Then use your USB charger to Charge Your iPhone instead of the normal charger, and be aware that the larger-capacity charger can charge the mobile faster.

Finally, do not use your cell phone while charging as much as possible. This is the habit of wasting our time. As long as the screen is lit, it will consume a lot of energy no matter what you try.

Apple has added new features to its new iOS 11 system to ease and simplify the way it works on its mobile phones or iPads.

Charge Your iPhone in Just Five Minutes

Apple’s new additions will simply transform the iPhone into a laptop. Here are the most prominent features:

Do not hassle while driving

In particular, no hassle was added during the user’s driving, in order to make the user more focused on driving. This testicle works that the mobile will sense that the user is driving the car and the mobile screen will be dimmed and the alerts will be silent.

Easy settings

Through the system of iOS 11 and immediately buy any new mobile phone or device that the user can set up in a quick way to transfer personal settings from the mobile to the new entry and passwords.


Apple has developed its mapping service as it will provide useful information such as speed and maximum speed, as well as temperature in the pan and other nations such as bumps and obstacles.

Voice Assistant

Apple has developed the Smart Assistant Siri, making it speak in a new and fast way with new female voices. The service also includes new languages ​​such as Chinese, Italian, Spanish and others.

IMessage messages

In the new system was modified the design of the implementation of imessage messages where it will be possible to send songs and toning messages.

Photography and photos

With iOS 11 users will be able to capture videos and photos in a more professional way and add new features.

Store Store Store

New application store design in the new system to make it easy to find and discover applications in an easy and fast way.

Apple Music

The user will be able to create an account where they will allow friends to follow and share the lists and music they listen to.

Payment service for Apple

With the new system the user will be able to send and receive things safely and quickly through the application of messages or even possible from Siri.

This is a small version of the improvements that Apple has added to iOS 11 waiting for the update to reach Apple’s iPhone and devices in the coming days.

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