How to Make Money with WhatsApp

If you have some knowledge of the world of online money then you will understand that many of the ways to make money with WhatsApp are the same as those used for other popular applications. For example, the ways to earn money for Instagram are very similar to the ways to do it for the green application.

What will we need to make money with WhatsApp?

The typical use of WhatsApp with written messages, photos, voice messages, maps, etc.

Well basically have something to sell or offer, install the application and communicate with potential buyers.

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How easy is it?

Well, it is not that easy, but with effort, everything is achieved.

Remember that it takes most people years to make serious money online. Making a few dollars or euros is not that difficult.

Let’s see what are the best ways to make money with WhatsApp today.

1. Make money with your blog thanks to WhatsApp

This is the best way to earn money with WhatsApp.

In the first place, I have put a blog because it is the most typical and almost recommended, but it does not have to be, since we can also create niche websites or more general professional websites, or even news. The thing about the blog is that being more customizable we have more possibilities to create unique content and that is something that users appreciate in the long run. However, you can also create niche websites with a personal touch that dominates a portion of the network without problems.

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2. Viralize content or link shorteners

This is a typical way to earn money online.

In order to use it, you must use companies specialized in link shorteners.

Well, we find a company specialized in it, such as, then we send those shortened links to our joined relevant WhatsApp groups, and the more they click on the link, the more money you can earn

3. Earn promoting affiliates on WhatsApp

I mentioned this in point 1 if you have a website or blog, and this is one of the best ways to earn money for online businesses.

Despite this, it is not necessary to have a blog to be able to use this way to earn money. The advantage of affiliates is that we can use them in almost all online communication platforms, although there are many that place restrictions on the links necessary for this, such as Facebook, newsletter services, etc.

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4. Become a WhatsApp marketer

The question is to be someone with a large number of contacts on WhatsApp and especially with a very large participation in the ecosystem. That brings two consequences:

  1. Have a large potential customer base
  2. Have become experts by the constant use of the application

The second of the points are even more important than the first because the number of people we have can grow or decrease, but being an expert in an application is something that has a very important value and if not, tell it to the Facebook experts or Instagram.

5. With WhatsApp business

As the name itself indicates, it is an application made with business in mind.

This application is made to connect the products and services of a business with a WhatsApp profile, in a way that allows you to communicate with them quickly and effectively.

You think this can be a great way to maintain a dynamic customer contact section. It is very convenient if we have a company of a certain size and we can dedicate a person to manage our WhatsApp profile. This is for when you already have many customers.

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6. Selling your own products

Finally, the best way to make money through WhatsApp is when you can do it by selling your own products or services.

This is ideal for those who can sell knowledge through the network, but it is also valid for those who have strong e-commerce businesses and want to expand their way of reaching potential customers.

Again, and without being heavy, I have to say that the best way to do this is to go back to point 1, since creating our own website is where we will be able to make the most of the commercial potential of WhatsApp.

Conclusion: Is WhatsApp profitable?

It depends.

Many people don’t find it worth it because they have business models where they can get more out of their time doing other things.

But it can also happen that there are people who would benefit from using WhatsApp to get visits, either because their niche is appropriate for it, or because they have a special presence or knowledge of the application.

Everyone has to weigh what is doing well for their business and what is doing better or worse.

Testing WhatsApp in some of the ways I have discussed could well be a radical change in sales. Who knows?

I think WhatsApp is especially suitable for those who use the application in a greater way than normal. Maybe without realizing it you could become an application guru and start making real money.


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