Leasing A Minibus for School Long Term: What to Know

If you have recently been made principal of a school or have been one for a while and have known that your school needs a minibus (or another minibus) to escort students to and from the building, there are some things that you need to consider. Firstly, the majority of schools do not own their minibuses or minivans, and instead, lease them long-term from reputable companies who specialize in this area. This can make the process seem more complicated than buying a van outright, but it isn’t. In this article, some of the things you need to know about leasing a minibus for your school will be explored.

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Leasing Terms

Of course, the first thing you will need to look at is the leasing terms themselves.

Minibus leases tend to be long-term, as this is more efficient and cost-effective for both the company and your school. In most cases, if you are leasing a minibus for your school, the minimum contract length will be around 2 years, with more targeted companies will be able to offer slightly longer-term leases of around 5 to even 10 years. So, be sure to look around for the most reputable company and the leasing terms that you want.

What are Your Needs

It sounds odd to say you will need to know your requirements from a minibus (it’s a minibus after all!), but if you have students in your school who will be using the bus and use wheelchairs or other specialized requirements, then this will need to be taken into account when you are leasing the vehicle. Many minibus leasing companies can offer these additional features to you, so once again, be sure to shop around and ask questions.

Lower Prices Does Not Mean Better Value

You are the principal of a school who wants to get the best for your buck. But beware that lower prices do not mean a bargain, especially when it comes to leasing buses. Indeed, you will need to look at the terms and conditions of the contracts carefully – lower prices may mean that if there is an issue with the bus, the school will have to pay to repair it rather than the company that it is being leased from. In a similar vein, be sure to check that should there be an issue with the buses you are leasing, the company can send replacement vehicles to ensure that your students can get to and from school.

Safety Inspections Will Be Called

It can be an irritation for a lot of schools when their minibuses are called for a safety inspection. But remember, this is for the safety of your staff and students, and in most cases, the company that you are leasing the buses from will be able to send replacements out to cover the transport needs of your students.

MOTs Will Be Needed

In a similar vein, once a year, the buses that you lease will need to undertake and pass an MOT. This is once again to ensure that all is well, and you will usually have replacement buses sent to your school.

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