Top 11 Ways to Use the Ashburn Dedicated Server

With the growing world and technologies, business demands at the highest peak, whether it is about to get the best hardware tools and the software based on the latest version. Therefore, to accomplish large business requirements and for growing business in a new direction, Ashburn Dedicated Server is introduced. There is no doubt that there are plenty of choices available in the hosting market in terms of hosting websites for business persons and site owners. But no one competes with the Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn; hence it is a perfect solution for your website hosting.

Through this guide, we will explore more information about the Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn and how you can use it, and what purposes apart from the everyday use of website hosting. Let’s start by focusing on the Top 11 Ways to use the Dedicated Server.

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Top 11 useful things you can do with the Ashburn Dedicated Server

If you have a dedicated server that you are not using yet because you are not aware of its reliable benefits, then it’s the right time to use it. We will tell you how you can use it for different purposes. What top benefits and use of Ashburn Dedicated Server you get for your website hosting with such powerful hosting.

Website hosting

One of the primary and expected uses of a Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn is to host a big website. You can host any type of business, whether it is small or large, e-commerce or online shopping website, or any other easily.

Website hosting is a common way to make your business available online globally. So can interested people reach you and buy the hosting to start their own online business or host their large business website.

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Data Backup

Backups are necessary when you are hosting your business website. You are unaware of the suspicious and unauthorized attacks on your website that may corrupt or hack your data. Hence you need strong data backup plans to avoid a huge loss in business.

You can use the Ashburn Dedicated Server Data Backup services to store a large amount of high-quality data. It results in excellent website performance and server speed. Therefore, use the storage space to keep your data highly secure.

Hosting an Email

Email is an important service that every person casually uses in their general life and knows how beneficial and efficient a way for communication. With the Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn, you can host the emailing websites to connect with multiple organizations at a time. Also, you can send the big files ignoring their size gap through Emails.

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Personal Cloud Space

Cloud Space is necessary to keep your data in one place. Therefore, if you are concerned about your site performance and site speed, then use the cloud space storage to store your website data. Get your personal Cloud Space Storage with the Ashburn Dedicated Server and enjoy the seamless site performance.

Set up a dedicated firewall

One of the important advantages of using the Dedicated Server Ashburn for your website is installing the custom security software. Also, installing the popular firewalls to filter the web’s downloaded data. So you will get the scanned data that take care to keep your website virus-free.

You can also install the custom security software and standard DDoS protection with the Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn to secure your data from external attacks.

Game Server Hosting

Gaming is the youth craze. You can host the multiplayer gaming website on a Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn to play a game with different people. It not only bounds the limits of location. You can play with international people also. Hence, the dedicated server is useful for gaming websites and provides endless entertainment.

Virtual Private Network Setup

With the Dedicated Server Ashburn, you can host the Virtual Private Network server that is an effective way to secure connections over a large network. It also helps to manage and operate the traffic spikes on the websites.

Set up VoIP (Voice over internet protocol)

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is similar as per its name suggested. You can make calls securely over the network and send voice messages quickly. We can take the example of Skype that is mostly used by organizations to communicate with clients and customers.

Set up Data Sync

Data synchronizing is another popular use of a Dedicated Server. It merely means you get the flexibility to manage and operate your data in one place in a well-managed format. In simple words, synchronize your data easily with the Ashburn Dedicated Server.

Your files and folders are highly secure with the Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn. Also, it allows users to read the files easily.

Video Streaming

Video Streaming is one of the widely used services to stream large videos. The Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn was introduced to handle the loaded files and traffic spike on websites that make it an ideal choice for the Video Streaming applications.

Video and photo storage

Multimedia is the most common and familiar term for every person. To load the high-quality images and videos on a massive storage space results in your website’s fast processing. Hence, use the Dedicated Server Ashburn server to store the HD videos and high-quality images supported with every format such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, and much more.


A Dedicated Server is a huge web hosting platform that can be used for hosting websites. Users buy some webspace on rent through the help of web host providers. It comes with an array of reliable and groundbreaking services that accomplish your online business requirements. It is generally used to host large-scale websites such as gaming websites, online shopping websites, E-commerce websites, and many more.

With Ashburn Dedicated Server, you get the upgraded resources and top-level hosting services, including the Highest RAM, robust hardware, best network connectivity, extensive bandwidth, high Storage, Best Backup plans, advanced security factors, and much more at an affordable price. All the valuable resources increase the efficiency of improving website performance and providing a great end-user experience.

You can use all reliable resources to increase the overall website performance and server speed, resulting in increased business productivity in terms of attracting the user’s attention and generating more money.

When you have read out the article, you get the basic idea about how a Dedicated Server Ashburn is beneficial for your online business and how you can use it for different purposes. You can analyze getting a broad range of Dedicated Server services at a cost-effective price with such ideas as being grateful or worthwhile or not for your online business.


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