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Why the Right Fencing is So Important

With so many options available out there as well as online, fencing has become a tricky aspect of home DIY and improvement to get right. Yet, it is an aspect of the home’s exterior that is proving to be increasingly important. This article highlights those aspects of the fence that have kept it the vital part of your exterior that it is.

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Safety and security

The fence has traditionally been used to keep unwanted visitors off your property but also to keep those on the property safe and secure. If this is the aim, then ensure that you have an integrated gate system and go for anything above 6 feet. If there are animals and pets on the property, then the gaps at the bottom and between the panels need to be such that your precious pets stay where they should.


Privacy at your home is both about being able to block others from seeing in but also being able to shield your own view and block out any noise from next door. A closely spaced lattice design or a gabion design will block the street view and provide privacy, and integrating a creeping plant will only add to the seclusion and privacy in your home that the right fence will provide. A traditional fence, such as a chain-link fence, will offer little to no privacy, and although it will cost less, it will only serve to create the impression of safety and security as, without the unsightly barbs at the top, a fence such as this may actually aid a climber rather than deter them.

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The fencing around your property greatly affects the aesthetics of the entire property, and it is a major determinant in increasing curb appeal. A white picket fence, a bespoke gabion design, or the use of alternative fencing materials such as recycled compressed plastics or ecomposite materials will also allow for some unique designs.

Sustainability and longevity

The right fence is better than a living hedge in the sense that it will need little to no maintenance and yet will always look good. There are a few things to do to ensure that this is the case with your fencing. Choose the right construction materials and inspect the fence regularly to look for wear and tear and avoid damage from moisture.

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Depending on where you live, you should be considering the wind, as a windswept backyard will always present a problem. Planting flowers of any height is impossible, as is outdoor entertainment in the windy seasons. Anywhere on the North East coastline of the US, you will need to have a wind shielding plan for your garden as the Nor’easters dominate the area for long periods of the winter. There are products and windscreens that some people only put up in the windy season. However, if you have a fence that is built with the wind in mind, then it is a lot easier to always be prepared and save you the time and effort required on the occasions that you need to put up or take down the windscreen.

Apart from all these aspects, you will also need to consider what the building regulations and community feel are. You want to abide by the laws and also be in keeping with the neighborhood. A good fence is a necessity and will add curb appeal, value and keep you and yours safe.

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