30 Steps to Start a Successful Blog in 2018

If you are thinking to make an effective and a successful blog, you are in a right place. I have made ​​a complete list to start a successful blog in 30 steps. After going through these points you will find out the way to think, create and maintain a successful blog.

30 Steps to Start a Successful Blog in 2018

1. Set the contents

The beginning is here. THE CONTENTS. You can be the best designer, the best writer, but if you create a blog without knowing what are you going to write … Forget it! because Your blog should have a purpose and a focus.

2. Something different

Give preference to the subject that was not created or at least created less before. Therefore it is very important to choose a subject that you have mastered. Creativity is the key of your business!

3. Analyzing the competition

You will hardly find a subject which was not discussed before. Keep in mind that whatever you are going to blog about, it should be unique and best. So seek blogs and websites that speak of the same subject, see major related works and be inspired by them.

4. Targeting the audience

Find the answer of this question . To whom are you writing? Search, write and research again. In this way you will really discover who are the readers of your blog. Then improve the content, according to your targeted audience.

5. Good design

It’s not just the content, a blog needs a nice environment for reading. A well.crafted layout makes much difference. The layout does not need to be something very extra, but a good layout. No frills and unnecessary widgets that overwhelm the site. And of course less loading time. (not all Internet users have enough patience to wait for your blog to open) .

When creating your template or modify it, do testing for at least the most used browsers ( Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari ), a basic resolution ( 1280 x 800 ) and try best to make it responsive.

6. Beware of the colors

Make a good combinations of colors. The perfect combination for reading (proven) is white or light gray in color with black letters. Since too much strong and weak colors can irritate visitors mood, the effect of colors on a website has an important role. You can get help from for the perfect match.

7. Navigation and links

Blog receives large percentage of their visits through search engines daily, it is up to you to keep them for the maximum time on your pages. For this it is recommended to use related posts in each pages. You can also include links to other articles inside the posts. In this way you can get the attention of the visitor and maybe get another faithful reader. It also helps your search engine and ranking.

8. Mobile version website

You should not forget that many users are using mobile or tablet to surf the internet these days. This can make the big difference. since people have less and less free time, the popularity of using these gadgets are growing day by day. So that try to create a responsive website that provides this simple and fast way options for the readers to get your updates.

9. Use external information

If you are posting a news related article, it is essential to prove the truth of the fact. Therefore recommend other blogs, other links, indicate books and give a much information to your reader. If you take information from another blog or site don’t hesitate to quote the source of information.

10. Use simple language

Write detailed posts with simple language and accessible to any audience. Avoid jargon, as it limits the understanding of the public and if there is still needed, explain the meaning of the word.

11. Write short texts

Large texts or long sentences are only suitable for literature. For the content based blog, it is wise to write well, write detailed and without exaggeration, going straight to the point.

12. Avoid background music

If it is music site or if the topics are related, its OKAY. Apart from that do not use background music that starts automatically. You will not please everyone, its irritating instead. Many people surf listening to songs on their own computer, it’s horrible being hit by a song that’s not their type. You can lose your visitor with this.

13. Animations and ads

Animations (mostly flash) on the blog weigh in excess cause a visual pollution. The same happens with ads. So think twice before using them. A good combination can also make your site more beautiful but do not go overboard.

14. Make a author profile

Let others get to know about you. It is more comfortable when readers perceive the presence of a real human behind many codes and words. Publish a recent picture in your profile, it will pass even more confidence.

15. Be careful with your exposure

Start a Successful Blog – Their disclosure is important as I said above, but be careful. By exposing your personal life in an exaggerated way you are opening the doors for an intimate relationship with all who access your blog and sometimes this can bring some disagreements and disappointments.

16. Increase interactions

Create promotions, publicize events and other extra content for increased interaction between blogger and reader.

17. Do not use hit counter

Use a hidden hit counter, i.e; only you have access. Nobody is interested to know the visits of your blog receives. In addition, the amount of visits to the other can be very little compared to what you think is a lot, and this can often be bad (and there is a breach of expectation for the blog.)

You do not need to hide, just give If the reader make an inquiry, otherwise, store the hit counter only for you.

18. Provide other language versions

Provide texts in other languages ​too, if you want to expand your audience to the different parts of the world. You can use google translator tool for this purpose. Though it can’t translate accurately but many visitors love to try on their own language.

19. Answer your readers

A very difficult task, especially for blogs that receive a considerable amount of comments and emails. It’s worth making the effort, every reader admires a writer who pays attention to your audience.

20. Moderate comments

Words of profanity in the middle of your articles cause a bad impression to new visitors. Sober, but do not forget that comments are not only good comments in favor of his texts. Discuss peacefully with commentators in search of a good census.

21. Provide RSS Feed

A good blog needs to have a FEED! So it’s easier to get a loyal reader. Every new post comes to your player through this mechanism. Therefore, it is indispensable!

22. Partners

Good partnerships bring good results. Link exchanges can bring benefits, but don’t make them ​​so messy as it can bring more headaches to your visitors.

23. Participate in social networks

Social networks make people who really like their blog to communicate with each other. A form of interaction and status for a blog. Facebook can be a good place for your blog.

24. Flickr, YouTube and Twitter

If your blog have more pictures, its very interesting to publish your work on Flickr. If you are a creative guy and know how to make / edit videos, YouTube is a great & amazing source of disclosure. Recommend to companies, YouTube is a type of service that only depends on a good job to succeed. Regarding the Twitter, talk about your blog, Post news, events information, raise doubts and win many followers, it can lead you to success.

25. Do not leave

Problems, laziness and lack of creativity arise, it’s all normal! The only thing you have to remember is, it should not become a routine. If you work well over a year and stay three months without posting anything, all your work goes down. Do not leave.

26. Share good experiences

Spread the news blog, some event, some growth, proposal, or disclose even innovative experiences of everyday life that can serve to your visitors.

27. Multiple Domains

For example, if your blog has a domain, its good to register other for safety and preserve your brand. Its not suggested to register too many domains that you can’t handle but its good to be engaged with some domains on your interested topic that you can manage.

28. Disclose

Use your creativity, but always respecting the other’s space. Do not spam! Use mechanisms such as indexes and content ad systems on blogs or specialized companies.

29. Title and Keywords

Write posts so that search engines find your content. Put the expected words that people will type them in the search engines to look for. Give title to their posts that best describe the content, Google highly values ​​what is written in the title of the posts.

30. Time Management

It is important to organize your time. You may have more than one blogs, so that you need to organize your days and times reserved for each blogs. If you are more organized, communicative, creative and responsible, the better the result is.

These are the key tips to Start a Successful Blog in 2018. I hope you enjoyed the article and consider these tips for the betterment of your blog.

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