5 Tips for Building a Unique Profile via LinkedIn

Regardless of your career, the integrated file on LinkedIn can contribute to your discovery and give you new opportunities such as jobs, business opportunities and mentoring. Whether you’re looking for a job, looking for opportunities to engage in business, or expanding your knowledge network in your field of work, the professional file on LinkedIn is an excellent idea to make sure that you find the right people at the right time. It takes only a few minutes to help you get the job.

Building a Unique Profile via LinkedIn

Here are the five simple tips provided by the LinkedIn specialists themselves, which will help you build a unique profile for others.

Use a professional image

The presence of a professional image doubles your viewing time 21 times and you receive 36 times the messages you normally receive and 9 times the fellowship requests, and do not forget to smile, the smile is the first handshake to the potential employer.

The LinkedIn Smartphone application now supports many features for editing images such as adding filters, trimming the image, and adjusting brightness, contrast, and color.

Insert the place of residence

It may seem simple, but the probability of discovery by third parties and your advantage of local opportunities is 23 times higher.

Briefly describe your work

Indicate your specialty and speak directly with your audience. If you want to highlight your file in searches, include important keywords but avoid using excessive words such as “specialist”, “expert” and “seasoned”.

Also, the title should not exceed a maximum of ten words, as you can keep it simple to write “marketing and communication professional,” for example.

Add previous roles

You do not need to mention every job you exercised, but just to include the jobs that are relevant to your current career goals.

Updating your current job will also help you to list your professional record, and a file with a full working record will increase the number of views of your file by 12 times.

Add examples of your work

Take videos, presentations and photos that highlight your excellent work previously so that future employers can see the experience you have gained even before they meet you.


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