Why Social Commerce Is Growing Like A Wildfire Among Brands

With constantly changing social media marketing trends, it’s getting tougher for marketers to predict what will come up to the next. This is why marketing gurus suggest brands to keep an eye on the latest buzz & ongoing trends. Speaking of one of the current hottest social media trends i.e. ‘Social Commerce’ has completely changed the meaning of how people used to shop.

Earlier, shopping was considered to be a social activity with a group of friends or family,  but now, people don’t even have to step outside haggling for anything. Just one click and they are done!

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Seems like Social Commerce is going to even have bigger footprints in 2021 and beyond. To know more about this latest crowd-puller for eCommerce brands, keep reading the blog!

Social Commerce- Game Changer for eCommerce Brands

Social Media Networks + Ecommerce = Social Commerce

Defined as- “The integration of social media networks with eCommerce is known as Social Commerce, also Social Shopping. In this process, eCommerce brands’ main goal is to deliver a simplistic, flexible, and delightful digital shopping experience to the users.”

Aiming to make the online shopping experience for users more engaging & satisfactory, the professionals from the marketing world came up with the concept of ‘Social Commerce’. It must sound new for some of you but trust us, there’s no rocket science behind this concept.

One of the best things about Social Commerce is that the customer does not have to leave the social media site in order to buy anything.

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While amongst all the social networks, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest are the most popular spaces for social commerce.

 For instance, the shoppable Instagram feature has made Instagram decked up with shoppable galleries, images, videos, etc. showcasing all sorts of products.

 If a user comes across a shoppable product, then he/she can tap on the ‘Buy Now’ link and can directly make the purchase on the same platform, without getting redirected to the website.

How Social Commerce is Benefitting Sales of Brands

Here’s a list of reasons how social commerce helps eCommerce brands grow!

1. Increase Engagement

 One of the major goals of every eCommerce brand is to enhance user engagement through different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

There are lots of benefits associated with user engagement such as boost SEO performance, empower your website, higher dwell time, increase SERP ranking, reduced bounce rates, and more.

So, more search results and more clicks simply mean more digital interactions. Hence your website will hit the maximum number of traffic.

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2. Build Healthy Brand-User Communication

As social media platforms are easily accessible by anyone, it, therefore, unlocks the door for two-way communication between brands and customers.

This means, social commerce allows users to only buy the products, but can also interact with the brand by liking, commenting & tagging people among their circles, etc.

Not only users, but brands can also respond to the actions taken by the customers. In short, brands can easily build healthy & more personal relationships with customers to get better business opportunities as well as results in the future.

3. Grow Your Audience Reach

Social Media is crossing all its old digits in terms of global active users every single day. So how can eCommerce brands not expect the same reach for their brand via social commerce?

Therefore with innumerable opportunities & possibilities, Social Commerce helps brands to reach a diverse and ample audience. This way they tend to boost their brand awareness as well.

In short, the more you engage and connect with your consumers, the chances of maximum traffic & growth prospects also get increased.

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4. UGC = Trust, Reliability & Authenticity

 Social media platforms are decked up with user-generated content, which is created by the users only and is therefore said to the most trustworthy and authentic form of content.

And by integrating this customer-driven content i.e. UGC showcasing their real experiences & reviews with Commerce, you gain the trust of new customers.

Not just trust, but user-generated content also showcases the authenticity & reliability of your brand.

5. Repetitive Purchases

The more you make your customers happy, the quicker the purchase decision they make.

Why? Because through social commerce you can inform your customers about new products, discounts & special offers and more.

So, when you maintain contact with your customers this closely and keep them satisfied with your products, then they just can’t switch to some other brand easily.

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6. Boost Conversion Rate & Sales

Now you must already know that Social Commerce drive higher engagement, boost trust, increase social media reach.

Therefore, by incorporating shoppable content with social media content, you bring the point of inspiration & point of sales closer. This helps your business experience an increase in conversions & sales.

7. Frictionless Checkout

As already discussed above, social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram offer instant checkout options to the customers, without redirecting them to a website.

This saves all those customers from the long, tiring & boring buying process by offering a ‘Buy Now’ button to make the users experience more seamless.


In a nutshell, there are endless opportunities linked with Social Commerce that will nurture your business and help you keep up with the competition. All you need to do is to create a solid social commerce plan and strategy.


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